pure being

Pure Love, Pure Beingness

Gloria to God:

Dear Father of All, I came across Matthew 6:7 in a Bible Crossword puzzle: "When ye pray, use not vain repetitions." It doesn't mean not to say repetitive prayers, does it?


It means not to just mouth the words but to be present with them, to repeat a prayer with your heart impulsing it.

If you pray without heart, it is like your hand giving a penny to one who asks while your eyes do not look upon the one you toss it to.

The Love of God's Life

God said:

Let Us talk about My love for a moment. It has been such a mystery to you, what love is, that you may be it, and you are perplexed how I, God, can love so much and love so much that which, in your eyes, has imperfection. You wonder how I can love you so much, simply as you are, a fussing being on Earth.

Sometimes you disdain yourself. That is not your own thought. It certainly is not your original thought.

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