Practical God

God said:

When you have a difficulty, consider that the difficulty comes from good fortune. If your car breaks down, you have a car to break down. If your computer crashes, there are those who would be grateful for a computer to break down. If your pen runs out of ink, well, at least you had a pen with ink that wrote.

Instead of feeling irritated, see the blessing. Instead of complaining, praise. In your heart. You won’t go around saying your praise, for no one will believe you. But in your heart, you can believe you.

When someone minds your business, instead of being annoyed, consider that someone cares about you enough to barge in.

When a loved one doesn’t love you any longer, doesn’t want you in their life, you can be aware that they did visit your life, and that they meant a lot to you, even if you no longer do to them.

Even when your heart is breaking, you can recognize that you have a heart capable of caring to the point of breaking. Of course, the breaking is a metaphor. Your heart is merely being rearranged.

The point is that there is another side to not overlook.

I am giving you an exercise to practice, an exercise to notice the underside of a leaf, the beauty it carries, and the sun around it. And why not, beloveds, why not? You have had sufficient practice in looking at the dark side.

You sprinkle your thoughts across the land. What thoughts do you desire to sprinkle? Why repeat thoughts that promulgate darkness when you can just as well promulgate light? Did you not know it is your choice to choose your thoughts that will descend on Earth?

Your thoughts are influential. Your thoughts affect your life. Your thoughts reach everywhere. They leak out like seeping water.

You want your own thoughts. You want to be your own thinker. Then think of what you say. Think of the seeds you scatter. Let them be seeds of thoughts that you want to see take root.

Do you plant weeds in your garden? I think not. Yet you rampantly plant weeds of thought, and let them take over. Rather than having to weed out thoughts you have sown, don’t sow them. Am I not a practical God in the advice I give?

Often you think that negative thoughts are practical, but where did you get that idea? You certainly didn’t get it from Me. Positive thoughts are practical. It is much more practical to think thoughts that give you mileage rather than thoughts that stop you in their tracks.

Consider that you are a manufacturer. What would you choose to manufacture, that which is utile or that which is useless? What product would you like to advertise? How would you advertise it? What would your logo look like?

Your thoughts are a product of your mind. Imagine a thermometer out in front of your house that would indicate the temperament of your thoughts. Will you raise your thoughts above the midway mark, raise your thoughts high? Your thoughts are not endless as you may have thought. They are a precious commodity. Pick out the shiningest ones while you are at it, and hold them high where I can see.