Plumb the Depths

God said:

The physical borders of life on earth are shifting sands. There is no place your foot can step that is permanent. Steel that is unbendable in the end does bend. Everything bends in the fire of illusion. Illusions by definition do not last. The impermanent does not last. Why is that a pity?

Everything that is on earth will not remain. That is the same as to say that everything will change. It is changing now. Everything on earth is illusive.

The treasures you hold are the treasures of a child, precious today, broken tomorrow, or can't be found, or forgotten, or thrown away, replaced with something shinier or bigger or more admired. Toys are toys, after all, and life on earth is a game played by children. Are you not all children running around on earth, running you know not why nor where? Even the most confident waver in the experience called life on earth.

Games are taken very seriously, no game more seriously than life. Games are played as if life depends on it. By now you know that life cannot be stopped, but you will get off life on earth and continue on in life on another continent. Life is dependent upon nothing. It is irrevocable. Once given life, you have it. Just, not always on earth.

Consider that you are on earth for a vacation. Your stay on earth is a jaunt through life. It is a diversion. You have been diverted here for a little while. All may not be to your pleasing, but, still, this is your vacation, and there is much you can enjoy, and much joy you can give.

While you are stationed on earth, you are stationed on earth. While you are in the Bahamas, you are in the Bahamas. While you are at the North Pole, you are at the North Pole. Your physicalness is there. Your body travels here and there from time to time. Actually, your body is always in motion of one kind or another. Even in sleep, your body rolls over. Bodies are never still, and yet you may feel a captive of your body. Yet physicalness is only a small part of you. Often, it is a cover-up for the Truth of you.

You have an indomitable soul. Your soul has no restraints upon it. Your soul is not limited to time and space. It is not limited to any dimension. Your soul is soaring all the time. Your soul has a life of its own. It is only your body that keeps you seemingly stuck on earth.

Consider that you are a time-traveler, landed on Earth for a millisecond. There is no time, and no space to travel in, and yet you are a time-traveler. Now you travel in an arbitrary time marked on earth, and earth itself and life on it are illusions. My children take illusions very seriously, as if they were everything, as if they mattered more than … more than anything else.

And all the while, you are only on tour on this round ball called Earth. You skim the surface when, all the while, there are depths to be plumbed, and heights to be reached.

Do not take life on earth so seriously, but yet be committed to your travels. You are a wayfarer for only a little while. Make your earth stay marvelous.

Is it not a marvel that you, a magnificent soul, are somehow in a Human body, stomping around on earth? Is it not a marvel that someone as unbounded as you has a body?