Please read the Guidelines that have been chosen to keep this forum soaring high!

Please read guidelines and follow them

I do understand that sometimes the guidelines are hard to follow -- and hard to swallow.

We have Heavenreaders from all over the world, and naturally we want everyone to feel comfortable to be here. We want to unite and not divide.

With this in mind, we ask everyone to stay away from politics. Some of us are democrats, and some are republicans. We don't know need to know which anyone is and how you feel about either party. Most feel strongly one way or another.

With all love and regard for the beauty and wisdom of all religions, this is not a religious site. It is not a Chrisitan site nor is it a Jewish site or Muslim or Bahai site etc.. There are plenty of sites devoted to religion and Holy Books. We are a spiritual site. I think we have to bear that in mind. I know it's hard to refrain, especially when there are exquisite parallels between a particular Heavenletter and a particular religion.

On this forum, we stay away from dissension.

If you please, read the guidelines. Even if you don't agree with them, will you kindly go by them?

The link to the guidelines and best practices can be found at the top of the Community Page. I would get it for you but if I leave this page, I'm afraid I'll lose it. Maybe someone else can post the link.

God bless us all.

With love,