Peace Comes Shining Through

God said:

How does a dove bring peace?

By Being, nothing but Being. The dove is a forerunner of peace. You are a Dove of Peace.

Bringing peace is not a presentation. Certainly, have your desire be to bring peace, and then live life. You give peace by virtue of your consciousness. Making peace goes deep.

Now, don't fall into the state of thinking that you will fail at peace. Even failing to bring peace is better than putting the whole issue of peace aside. Decide to be a Peace-Bringer, and then let peace arise. Peace cannot be crammed in.

Your responsibility is to be real. Being who you are is peaceful.

Your desire is for peace. Intend, desire, look for peace – these I give you to disperse regardless of your state of consciousness. Peace is a background, a frame of reference. It is not a package you purchase.

Peace is a champion that simply appears. Peace can be lost in the crowd, yet peace, when seen, is recognized. Ah, yes, the peace that surpasses understanding. While peace is yearned for all over the world, peace yet may be traded for less than peace. In less than peace, you are out of breath. In less than peace, life is tense, hectic and agitated. You can't enter peace through uproar, only through peace.

Peace cannot be an issue. Peace cannot be forced. Thumbs up for peace. Make room for peace. Invite it. Cherish it. Peace forced does not amount to peace. An end to war doesn't always show peace.

Peace is beyond peace, and peace arrives on all fronts.

Of course, it is fear that foments war.

Truce isn't exactly peace. A legal presentation is not necessarily peace. Peace can’t exactly be regulated.

Hail to peace. Peace is the absence of war, yet peace is greater than the absence of war. Peace is the freedom to decide for yourself. There is no place for war except as a divertissement. Peace is a natural state and not a ruling.

We can look at peace like a wedding. A wedding is performed. A wedding does not necessarily mean that two hearts are wedded. It means a formal statement has been made. A contract of love is asked for, yet peace is greater than form.

And yet there are marriages that rise above form. Married hearts do appear. Instead of dissension, ascension arises. Hearts, one by one, get filled up to their hearts' content. Peace is not a simulation. Peace is not an attempt. Peace is an arrival that comes shining through. Life leaps a step up. Love becomes truth in action. Peace is entered into. Peace enters the heart, and peace is seen and recognized where it resides in the heart. Peace is realized. Vive la paix! Peace comes into its own. Peace is strewn like starlight throughout the Universe.

Peace becomes King. Peace inherits the throne.

Some of My children are strangers to peace. They have heard about it. They seek peace like a long-lost brother and yet do not recognize him when he appears.

Peace does not wear a costume. Let every man who enters your life be your brother or your sister.

It is that simple. Peace can be. Let peace follow your desire for it. Peace can sweep you up. You can be a peace-bringer and a peace-giver. You can be the Threshold of Peace. You can sweep peace into the world. Put out a call to peace. Herald in peace. Notice peace.

Yes, note peace. Say: "This is what peace looks like. Hmm, this is how peace feels. Peace is mine."

What a revelation peace is. Like a blind man, you feel your way to peace, and you reach it. You touch peace with your own hands. Peace runs through the Universe. You have established peace by recognizing it. Peace is your brother, and peace is your sister. You issue peace into the world. You are the Declarer of Peace. You hold peace in the palm of your hand. You declare what is already true. In the name of peace, you are peace. You give peace a warm welcome. Here it is now. Peace stands before you.