Peace Be unto War

God said:

The privilege of war is that it turns your attention toward peace. It redirects you to peace. The world does not fully know what peace is so attention goes to war.

War is attention to offense. It is attention on what is the matter. It is attention on wrongs rather than rights.

War has no rights. It is all illusion, do you see? What right has war to be? And what are the rights of war? None, only rites of war. War is a ceremony. It is a ceremonial war dance. It is a child's game played by adults determined to win at all costs.

War would have you believe that there is virtue in destruction. It would have you believe it makes sense and it's worthwhile to damage people and property.

War would have you believe in gain and loss. It would have you believe in possession. It would have you believe in others more than yourself for, in war, have you not made what another does or says as the basis of your choice?

The fallacy war would have you believe in fallacy.

And yet, this falsifier war turns your attention to peace.

Just think of it, in peace, mothers rear their children with the ordinary fears that mothers are heir to like "What does that cough mean?" And meanwhile the child cries for more toys.

War gives you something to cry about. It lets you know the world is mad. It lets you know that hearts have turned to stone in the propaganda of saving you from a figure called enemy.

Who is this enemy? What is your picture of him? How did he get there in front of you, protecting a phantom of himself and assailing you?

If all are brothers, then killing another is killing a brother. If all are you, then killing another is stabbing your own heart. You make your heart less. You cut out your humanity.

You are like Jack Horner who sat in a corner, pulled out a plum, and said, "What a good boy am I!"

If you think you are good, you must by default believe someone else is bad.

Both sides believe they are on the side of good, and both sides see the other imagined side as bad. What else can it be? You see from one of two sides, when there is no other side. There is I and there is you, and what else can there be? Where do sides fit into Oneness?

I know you say you have to be practical. Be practical then. Make your offerings to peace. Hold your banners high. War is extravagant. Peace is generous. Concede to peace. There is no cost to peace. Oh, pride perhaps. Ego, perhaps. Of that both imagined sides are guilty.

I have said, Put no other gods before Me. And you put war before Me. You think it makes you high and mighty. War raises you low. War is not a show of strength. War is a show of weakness. War is misguided.

And yet war guides you to peace.

And peace will overtake war. May peace be in your heart. My peace I give to you. The peace of God surpasses all understanding but the peace of God is yours whether you understand it or not. Peace and joy are what I give to you. Peace and joy for you, and also toys for your children.

I do not give weapons, for I would cause pain to none of My children, for all are beloved of Me. I know not of enemy. I know not of exclusion. I know of love, and that is what I give you now. It is yours. Savor My love for you. Accept it, and give it, as I give it to you. In peace and love are We.