Our Journeyless Journey

God said:

So much of My children's attention is on what transpires. That is the hold of physical life on you. What transpires, what happens. And so your attention goes to the surface of life and all its embellishments. The surface of life is just that — surface. But you are not a surface being. Human Being does not mean surface being, although you have taken it to mean that.

Your overt life, just as with words, may not be the whole story. The words spoken may even belie the truth. What underlies the words may mean more than the words themselves. Who speaks the words may matter more than the words spoken. The consciousness of the speaker may speak louder than the words. And, so, you are more than your environment or where your body happens to be placed.

You think you are bumped along in Human life. Sometimes you prefer that idea. You may prefer not to have responsibility.

A train may take you somewhere, and you sit riding in the train. You got on and you get off. The same you enters and leaves the train. What did the train have to do with you?

You enter a room. Then you exit it and enter another. It is still you but you in a different room. There is an inescapable immovable you within the you that moves from room to room, place to place. It does not matter where this immovable you is planted.

This depth of you is not affected by where you are. Pay more attention to this depth of you called the soul within you. This depth of you is unchanged, as I am unchanged and unchangeable.

However, this depth of you can deepen further within itself. This is not change but deepening. You sink more deeply to greater depths of the soul level. At the same time, more of your depth reaches up and expresses itself outwardly. Some might call this change. Certainly it appears as a kind of growth but it is more of a self-revelation.

I suppose that is what growth of any kind appears to be. We can say the rose, as it blooms, is discovering more of itself.

As you enter new rooms of the universe, you may be charmed or uncharmed. You prefer charmed because that is more like your true nature. It is natural for you to say Ah as you behold beauty. It is natural for you to behold beauty, for beauty is the truth of you. You are not happy to behold less than beauty because less than beauty is not the truth of you, and you regard untruth with suspicion. Untruth is distasteful to you.

Boundaries are distasteful to you. Prison walls are distasteful to you because they belie truth. The truth is you cannot be imprisoned. Your physicalness can be imprisoned, but remember, your physicalness is not the truth of you.

If the extent of your vision is the walls around you, then you are indeed imprisoned. But even in prison with your vision enclosed, there is still the depth of you that knows no boundaries. Find that depth. Awake to it.

I will help you. I am a Boundlessness-Revealer. I will reveal yourself to you. You can look into My eyes and see yourself wherever your body is. Wherever you are, am I. There is no escape clause to that.

Another way to say this is that there is only freedom. I gave it to you. No man can take that away from you. The body always has its limits, but you have none. You have self-imposed ones, but those don't count. They don't count in the first place, but you are releasing them one by one anyway. You are releasing beliefs that have held you back. You are coming to innocence and your understanding of Our journeyless journey.