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Open Letter to the beautiful people who took the last workshop which is the last workshop in Fairfield

Dear Jo, Nancy, Delores, Betty, Sheila, Dave, and Scott,

Big thanks to all of you for coming to the Godwriting™ workshop in Fairfield. You traveled such great distances, and you brought such joy to Fairfield and to me.

I learned a lot from you. After being with you, I have to ask myself: Who is the teacher and who is the student?

I thank all of you for your stories. You know, looking at each of you, I would have thought your lives were all peaches and cream, and yet you each had great and not always happy stories to tell.

I thank you for all your participation, for the tears as well as the laughter.

Some special thanks are in order:

Jo, the beautiful bouquet of flowers you walked in with. So extra beautiful. You could be a floral designer. The vase now sits on my coffee table, and the flowers are as beautiful as the day you brought them in. I also have to mention your wisdom.

Dave, thanks for the chocolates, the water, your heart, for bringing Sheila with you, for taking photos, and the supper Sunday night at Planet Earth! Thank you for treating us all. And for your idea that we make a movie of Heavenletters!

Nancy, thank you for bringing your mom. I so enjoyed meeting Delores. Please tell her so. And I am so grateful for your participation. You were open and honest, very beautiful.

Delores, you were an angel to climb those steep stairs even when it’s hard for you to walk. And you were such a good sport.

Sheila, your suggestion about doing a group exercise at the beginning of the workshop so everyone would feel comfortable is something I will do from now on. Why didn’t I think of this? I’m so glad you did.

Betty, you were our representative of Fairfield. And what a good one! Thank you so much for bringing yourself! Everyone really loved their experience of Fairfield itself, the people they met, the spiritual focus, and the food at Petit Paris, Everybody’s, Revelations, and Planet Earth as mentioned above.. Everyone also loved the room we were in for the workshop. Good luck in your studies in Vermont.

Scott, I thank you for your smile, enthusiasm, energy, and generosity. Most special thanks for the personal journey you gave me afterwards and all your wonderful attention.

I thank all of you for the exhilaration you brought to the workshop itself. Whenever there’s a Godwriting workshop, I feel so worthwhile and wish there could be a workshop every day. Maybe for me, the real Heaven I go to will be a Godwriting workshop! Hmm, I wonder if we can choose our particular Heaven!

Naturally, I would love to hear from you. I would like to ask you to respond here on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum? I would love your participation here for several reasons:

1. I just like it!
2. Everyone will be inspired and uplifted to hear what you say. What you say is too precious to keep to just ourselves.
3. Your participation also gives everyone a chance to respond to you as well.
4. The more hits on the website of which this forum is a part, the higher up Heavenletters go on the search engines.
5. In case you haven’t been to the forum, I want you to become acquainted with it.I know you already participate, Jo.
6. I am like the old woman in the shoe who had so many children she didn’t know what to do, except I have more email than I know what to do. It takes pressure off me if you post here. You can be sure I will read every word you write, although I may not always be able to answer.
7. The more attention here - the more of your good vibes going out -- the better for the world. That must be so.

Of course, I also invite you and everyone to the Godwriting blog.

God bless you.

With love,