God said:

My beloveds, We spend eternity together. Eternity is encapsulated in this precious wave of Our Oneness. Our Oneness is the ocean. You experience eternity as a crest of a wave you call time.

If, in the world, you could have only five words, what would they be? Oneness, Eternity, Infinity, Love and Joy? These are the words that occur to Me on this wave of light you call time. What words occur to you?

If you could have another five words to use, might they be Mystery, Treasure, Adventure, Life and Diversity?

And so you could continue with layers of words that tell the story.

Perhaps I left out some major words. Creation would be one. God by whatever name I am called would be another.

Words of the relative and Divine mingle, and divisions are made but not clear. All words divide. All categories divide. With words, it is as if you took an apple (Oneness) and cut it into pieces, and made piles. One pile would be the near apple pieces here. Another pile would be the far slices there. Another pile would be big and another would be small. And so is life sorted into piles of words, and more and more categories are made on the outskirts. Even categories go on forever. There is no end to categorizing, it seems.

Perhaps We would do well to reduce the vocabulary of the world to one word, and that would be Oneness. Yes, expand to Oneness. Let your hearts be like balloons that swell and rise high and encompass the Oneness.

Instead of "Hello, how are you?" one word would be spoken — Oneness. Oneness would greet Oneness. Smiles would be allowed. No one could abstain from smiling.

Instead of "Goodbye, see you," Oneness would be spoken. But, of course, there would be no goodbyes any more than there would be hellos, for Oneness stays as Oneness and cannot be anything other than Oneness. Oneness would revolve on itself and do cartwheels of Oneness for the joy and sake of Oneness. There is no flip side to Oneness.

Oneness is a long embrace, but it can only embrace itself. Oneness cannot contract, nor can it increase. Only awareness of Oneness can increase. The only thing in the world that needs to increase is awareness of Oneness. What a wonder Oneness is! That is how wars are won, with Oneness. That is how there are no wars to win, with Oneness.

When all is One, what else is there? What can be lacking? Where there is Oneness, what can enter? And what can leave?

If Oneness is the Truth of existence, then everything else must be false. Yet the false appears to be true. And, of course, in Oneness, what can be false? Only awareness can be less. Oneness cannot fluctuate. Only awareness can. Awareness does.

Some days you are clearer than other days. When you are clear, there are fewer partitions in your awareness. Is awareness Consciousness? How can there be more than One Consciousness? How can Consciousness be high or consciousness low? How can it be greater or less? How can it exist anywhere when there is nowhere for it to exist?

What is going on? Can anything go on? Are all words only gibberish next to the Oneness they seek to embrace or erase?

What a different world it would be without language! Peaceful. Serene. Quiet. And yet you would miss the diversity and excitement of language. So even language that seems to distort Oneness and tries to define Oneness plays its part in restoring Oneness to the consciousness of the world. Perhaps the world goes into a corner of darkness in order to come out into the light. Perhaps everything that goes on in Creation is created to make a game of it and thus call attention to the Oneness of Itself.