Oneness, Oneness Again and Again

God said:

Understand that in the State of Oneness called Heaven, whatever you call faulty or inadequate does not exist. Questions do not even exist. Faltering does not exist. Oneness exists, this is what all you want – Oneness. If there were a less or a more -- Oneness would be the most.

In Heaven, as in Oneness, there is no quantifying. There is no qualifying. There are no ifs, ands, and buts. There are no ins and outs. There is no easy and no hard, though, of course, everything is how you look at it.

In Truth, everything is easy. There are no obstacles. There is no interference. There is nothing to interfere with. There is nothing to contradict, and no one to do so.

There is Oneness, and no one to contradict. There are no dispersions. There are no debates, no arguments. There are Soul Strings, so to speak, all set to create their own Harmony. Yet, Holy of Holies, there is no Harmony that does not exist altogether in the first place.

Are you confused? This is good. Confusion is not True, yet it lets you know that you are missing something in a Reality of Truth within which you cannot miss. You question rather than accept. You are busy making a mountain out of a molehill when you are in the midst of the Height of Oneness. You are at the Peak of Oneness while you imagine you are on a flattened mesa looking for an alternative of one kind or another.

You are mixed up when there is nothing for you to mix up. There is actually no Height to be at, and no low either. Oneness is Oneness. This you partake of even as there is Nothing else for you to partake in.

You are a song I sing in Silence and not at the top of My lungs. There is no static to disguise Our Silence in this Nothingness that also bears the Name of Love.

You have no size. There is nothing to measure in Nothingness. There is nothing to add to, nor is there anything to subtract from.

You seek attributes. Love isn’t an attribute. It isn’t an add-on nor can Love be distracted or missing when Love is the whole shebang. Of course, there is no shebang. There is Oneness. Oneness can’t clap. Oneness is. Oneness blooms, so to speak, as the Fullness of Emptiness is ever in bloom and cannot be unbloomed, so to speak.

Everything We talk about is only so to speak as in a manner of speaking. If there were speech as such, its meaning is communicated before a sound is made or not made. There is music, and not a sound made. The music is yet to be played, yet it is already heard. It is known without being heard. You are the music. You are the heart strings of My Violin.

You may think I am talking gibberish. Don’t think. Love instead. Speak with your Heart of Silence. Speak for yourself in the Silence of My Heart. Intellect can be fun, yet intellect is not a master string.

Only in the world is there thought as you know thought. In True Reality, you are not thought-based. You pluck your thoughts from your Own Innate Wholeness of Oneness.

You were found long ago. You were not found, for you always existed. It is like you burst your seams. You imploded, as it were, even as you are unmovable. Does Stillness move? Stillness seems to move and catches you in its grip, even as no separation ever is possible. Stillness is stillness, and you are My Stillness of Oneness seemingly replicated, as it were, in an unfathomable number of sequins all bright and shiny in the Glow of Oneness.

Hallowed be thy Name.