oneness of everything

In the Innocence of God's Love

God said:

Holy are you. You don't think so. You think you are the farthest thing from holy. And when I tell you that you are, you think I am really innocent and unaware of how you really are.

How mistaken you are! I am aware of how you really are. It is you who is not.

I would like to restore you to your innocence where you did not have such strong opinions about yourself. I would like you to waver from your strong opinions and let Me wrap you in the innocence of My love.

The Dance of Life

God said:

In all Beings, I see your face, beloved. And it is Mine. I see Myself everywhere, and soon enough, you will see Me everywhere, and then We are truly One in perception as well as in gallant Truth. "We are One" is three words, but Our Oneness is wordless.

Probably the one word "Love" comes the closest. The one word "Love" itself brings closeness.

The Earth Breathes with You

God said:

Words are one thing, reality another. There are no words for Reality. Words are attempts to describe. But words cannot describe the Indescribable. The Indescribable cannot be described, but it can be recognized. Even a glimpse gives you recognition.

You have layers of awareness. Sometimes you use the words before you have the awareness. Awareness cannot be fetched, but it can be welcomed.

Everything and Nothing at All

God said:

The story of your life on earth is painted in scenes. One painted scene is made of vivid colors. Another is muted. Like paintings in a museum, you pause at each one, and then you go on past it to another. Some you spend more time on than others. But always you go from one painting to another, finish, and then move on into another room. There is always another room or another gallery somewhere for you to walk through. It is eternity you walk through with one gait or another.

Enter Heaven Now

God said:

Consider portals as doorways that are always open. All of life is a portal. Portals await you. Every day you step through is a portal. You walk through portals.

All is portal. When all is portal, all is Oneness. There is no reason to count or assign signs. A portal doesn’t have to have its name in a brass plate. It doesn’t need knobs. It has openness. Anything but open portal is unnecessary.

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