God said:

Be wary when you divide yourselves into groups. One group calls itself superior to another. It sets itself apart, as if Oneness can come apart. Above or under or across are the same. Those words set something aside or something in front or behind, and a myth becomes adored.

Be wary when you feel yourself superior to another. Be equally wary when you feel yourself inferior to another. Something mistaken is going on.

All of My children are made of the same gold. The disparities among them are incidental. Disparities are to be enjoyed, not disputed. Would you really want everyone to be just like you?

All the troubles of the world come from separation of one kind or another. Recognize Oneness, and there is nowhere for troubles to come from.

The truth is that all are in the same boat. Whatever the accoutrements, the colors, the style, the design, everyone rallies in the same waters. In one sense, all are adrift. In another sense, there is no adrift, for all move in the same direction. It is the same sea they sail on, and the same winds that blow.

You do not need to feel that you are more or less privileged than another. You do not need to feel more favored in order to know your relationship with Me. Nor do you need to feel less favored in order not to know it.

Rivalry is fiction. But it has a good press and has been considered the truth of the realm.

You will never take advantage of another when you know Reality. You will never try to outwit yourself. Therefore, you will not try to outwit another. You will have no need to be smarter or more beautiful or richer. You won't try to outdo anyone or anything, for you will know that no one is outside you.

You will contribute, not take away.

You will have no need to feel superior. You will have no need to control nor be controlled. You will favor truth.

At present you have many excuses for separation. You like to believe that the things that differentiate have importance. Geography. Colors. Money. Intelligence. Height. Weight. Car. Success.

Your life depends a lot upon what you depend on. If your life depends upon outer events and the thoughts of the world, then the outside rules you. No matter how much you like to think you rule it, you have subjected yourself to the rule of whatever goes on around you.

Yet you have a heart within you that is independent of outer motivation. It has its own urgings. To circumvent another is not one of them. To take advantage of another is not one of them. Your heart has no need to.

Your heart urges to unite — not to be one of the masses, not even to be one at the helm of the masses — but to unite with beingness. The heart's urging to unite is not for something or to be considered something. The heart wants to locate its truth. Oneness is the truth. Separation is not. Your heart beats in another, and another's beats in yours. There is one heartbeat, and it is Mine, and it is yours. You are Oneness personified. You want to claim yourself. You who crave so much for recognition need to be the recognizer.

The brotherhood of man is not sentimentality.

Outer is outer, and inner is inner. And inner is truth. Outer is not. All the apparent differences in the world are nothing but apparent differences. There is no opposite to you. There is no one more nor less than you. There is only you, and there is only I, the One I.