On a Raft

God said:

We woke up this morning together, and We enter Our day together. The cycle of life We live in continually opens up like the pulling of ribbon from a full spool. Our life together just keeps coming, waves and waves of it, ever mounting higher.

What a grand thing, this life that ever moves! There really is no downtime. There is rest certainly, but even in rest, life is moseying along. There is no taking the day off, for you are in the stream of life.

When you feel you must have a day off, perhaps you have been doing too much, or too exactingly.

When you take a day off, you take it easy. You relax. You take a break from exertion. How you relax on a day off is how you want to meet life every day, as an easy thing, as a simple thing without too many demands.

You have believed that life has to be hard, and so you swim upstream. Change your thinking. Consider life a raft you float on, dabble your fingers, enjoy the sights that appear. On a raft, you are not attached. On a raft, you expect to sail past the shores, from one to another.

When you are on a raft on the river, nothing has to happen. You keep rolling on the water whatever the scene is you are passing. You don't have to go fast. You don't have to go slow. Whatever the pace, it is just right and fine with you.

You lie on your back and you look up at the blue sky and the white clouds. The clouds pass by, and so do you. You and the clouds exchange a friendly hello and a fair wave goodbye. This passing-by is no big event.

And when the sun seems to go round the bend, voluminous stars appear and the moon, the lovely moon, for the sun sends the moon its sunlight so that you will remember the sun always.

Do not think you are drifting as you idle on the raft of life. In truth, there is only one direction to go in. Even in a motor boat, you would not reach where you are going faster, and you would enjoy less because of the speed and the charge of the motor.

Yes, choose a raft. There is no hurry.

Be easy-going. Even when there is a storm, you can be easy-going. You know that all storms end. They are just storms, after all. Wind or rain, you sail in your raft on the river.

How easy life can be when you don't whip it! Life in a frenzy is not more life than life in a lull.

I am not more with you nor less with you in calm or storm. Choose calm then even in storm. Storms by their nature are short-lived. A storm will finish its performance, and you move past it anyway by and by.

Do not give such credence to the little displays in life. They are only displays. But you are the mover in life, and so you move on, enjoying your raft-ride.

Why not enjoy it? What is the pleasure in not enjoying it? What is the gain, and what is the sense? Why keep anything but joy to you? For what reason would you keep a storage place of less than joy?

The raft is light, and you can only carry so much with you. There is plenty of room for you and Me and joy. Move over for joy, and sit back.