On a Journey of Infinity

God said:

When you look out your window and you seek the sky between the trees, what are you looking at but Heaven? What else could seem to be so far away and yet be so close? If you reached out your hand, it's as if you could touch the sky, be it day-blue or night-dark. And, if your hand could reach the sky and pull it to you, would you not? Or if you could rush to the sky and be pulled into its depths, wouldn't you — eagerly? And if you and the sky could meet midstream…

If the sky could be something you see out there away from you and yet be vibrant in your heart, wouldn't you be happy? If you were the sky that sees itself through your eyes, wouldn't you like that?

And if the sky were a cape of God's, would you not look up often at the spectacle of God in a blue cape surrounding the entire universe, God embracing, God in peaceful stillness of Mind and yet throbbing heart? Would you not be glad?

If the sky can be over all, how is it you could even think that God is not? I say God as I were Another because I want to make a point. I truly want to win you over to My way of thinking which is the same as to say My way of seeing.

If I were separate from you — an impossibilitity — but if I were and at a great height and I could see you, do you not think that I would see goldenness? What else but bright light could a God of Heaven see? And why would God look for anything else?

God's eyesight is good. Far-visioned, God can also see close up. God can see exteriorly and interiorly. I can look out through your eyes, and I can also see into your eyes. I peer into your eyes now, and I see a vast land, a pasture of flowers, a lover's knot made from daisies. Why, I look into your eyes, and I see Myself looking at Myself and so infinity proceeds, as if it moves, as if there is anywhere for it to move to, as if infinity were a start and stop thing instead of infinity!

A pebble thrown into the water makes ripples. You are the rippling effect of My thought that I tossed into infinity to see what beauty I could make. I look now, and I see the ripples of Myself eddying in the moonlight or in the sunstream. I behold Myself in an instant with instant replay that has never stopped and cannot be timed. I see Myself everywhere and yet I have never departed from Myself. I hold you in My thought and in My heart, for you are My beloved Self.

What an adventure We are on, you and I! What a soul-spinning adventure! What an advent is this, Our life, situated on a roundish ball called Earth! Earth caught you and made place for you in its hills and vales, for the Earth also is a projection of My love. I ladled you onto Earth with great care. Do not think I tossed you out of Heaven. I set you lovingly into a reflection of Heaven that, in your eyes, is blurred. Of course, I didn't toss you at all. That is an expression. I kept you close to My breast, and I have never let you venture from it.

And so We imagine We are on a soulful journey to Ourselves when We have never left Our abiding place, and there is nowhere to go to.