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Forgiveness ensues from the willingness of humility to surrender the world and its events to God. The change in appearances that is the consequence of deep surrender is a focus of the well-know A Course in Miracles, where the miracle is the consequence of the recontextualization of the limitation by which the inner innocence and innate holiness of others and life are revealed. This is a subjective transformation that is not under volitional control. A transformative mechanism is the relinquishment of faith in the validity of one’s ideas and thinkingness itself and seeing that they are only images from the past, with not current validity or reality.

By surrender, the request to the Holy Spirit for a miracle is thereby the willingness to surrender one’s perceptual positionalities and their egoistic gain to the revelation of Truth. The phenomenon is often accompanied by a recontextualization of time, place, and intention, and it is a literal, experiential phenomenon that is transformative in itself.

The Difficulties of this world appear to be the consequence of all different levels of evolutionary development being thrown together simultaneously, which results in social turbulence. Simultaneously, however, the availability of such a wide spectrum allows for the greatest opportunity for growth and the undoing of ‘bad karma’ and, by choice, accumulation the maximum spiritual opportunity with a great multitude of options and choices that provide maximum potential for the evolution of consciousness about which one can be grateful instead of resentful., As the Buddha taught, “Rare is it to be born a human being, rarer still to have heard of Enlightenment, and even Rarer still to pursue it.”

Dr. David Hawkins