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Dearest Lauri,
I really feel your question.
Many years ago, when a very fine person I knew had died, a spiritual leader said: “Now she is merged with the Absolute.”
I took it to mean that she had evolved so much, she would be spared having to come back for another lifetime. I knew that was supposed to be wonderful, but my honest thought was: “How awful not to be yourself any more.” And I felt I didn’t want to abandon myself and merge. Even if that were considered desirable, I didn’t want to get that far, despite the fact that I’m not exactly so charmed with my individuality either.
I would like to tell you about another incident. I was at a yagya with a group of people. A yagya is a Hindu spiritual ceremony. In this instance, the yagya was for the souls of our dear departed. I forget all that the yagya was supposed to accomplish, but I remember asking the Shiva priest: “Is it true that our ancestors will receive all this?”  He shrugged his shoulders and said something like: “How do I know. Ask them when you get there!”
I loved that answer. So honest, so real. Very unexpected!
I know there are many good people who get very specific answers to questions like that. I personally shy away from such questions. I remember years ago, someone asked me to ask God a question that fell into the category of the esoteric. I don’t remember the question, but I do remember God’s response. It was: “Why do you want to know?”
I took the response the way I would if I asked someone a personal question, and they said: “What’s it to ya.”
For me personally, it makes no difference to the actuality if I know or don’t know.
Now I will tell you about two experiences I had that could have some relevance. One is the experience I had when Christ came out of his picture and became all golden light and spoke to me. Oh, that was a high point of my life. I knew without question that that was Christ, even though he had become all swirled into golden light. How did I know? I knew.
Now here’s another related experience. Quite a few years ago, my daughter had emergency surgery. I was in a waiting room called Day of Surgery where all the nervous family members wait to hear how their loved ones are. All of a sudden during this anxious time, a bright golden light came into the room and came over to me. From the moment the light entered the room, I was filled with happiness. It was my daughter without question. How did I know? She didn’t have her long hair etc and sweet voice etc. For that little time, none of that mattered. It wasn’t even thought of, it was so inconsequential. For those few seconds, my daughter was so supremely happy and so was I. For those few seconds, it didn’t matter whether my daughter lived or not. For that little time, I could only know happiness and have no idea of anything else. For those few moments…
I’m a mother like any other, and in normal circumstances, and even five minutes later, I would be inconsolable if anything happened to my daughter. But for that little time, I was in a different dimension, Lauri. All the things that ordinarily matter so much didn’t even exist to matter.
How did I know it was her, all that golden light? I knew. And my daughter did live.
And that’s how I imagine it’s like after body death. It’s over fifty years since my father died, and I miss him every day. I think we will be reunited. I think he will not have to wiggle his eyebrows up and down for me to know it’s him. I think he won’t have to have lips to speak with, or I ears to hear.
So that’s my answer as best as I can.
I still would love to hear more of what you feel, Lauri, and what others do too.
Blessings and love,
P.S. I do remember a question to God. It was something like : “What happens when we’re in the 13th dimension?”
God answered something like: “More love is engendered.”
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Although I appreciate the responses, I would like to receive an answer from Gloria - as the letter of the day referred to individuality as being an illusion. If it is an illusion, then that illusion evaporates when we cross over and become ONE again. There is no individuality. We are not as we are now (individuals) once we are on the other side. Gloria - is that right?


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