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The Love.

The love
I have for you


From myself.

The world, and it's ways;
The life I live,
The people I encounter,
The tasks I perform;

Are not subjected to My Will.

They belong to a higher authority.
One of Justice;
Whose Might is awesome.

The Love I feel is for those
Who know me.

My friends.
My people.

The ones sometimes separated
from the Christ-God,
The One Lord of Power,
who can effectuate
the changes

Father-Mother God.

That's Right, I'm afraid.
Mother Mary,
Pray for me.

I'm Not a Sinner,
I know,
You see.

In the Light.
I am free!
This day
and forevermore,

For Eternity.

And we shall see
All Heaven's Glory;
"in the twinkling
of an eye,"
I suppose.

He. He.