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HEAVEN #1867 Heaven and Earth December 15, 2005

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HEAVEN #1867 Heaven and Earth December 15, 2005

God said:

Heaven and Earth meet in your heart. They blend in your heart. Your heart is the cocktail mixer of Heaven and Earth. There is a great joining of Heaven and Earth in your heart. Notice how the word heart opens up your Being. Your heart is a grand opening of Heaven.

Earth has its tendrils around your feet while Heaven lies its hand gently on your shoulder. Heaven soothes the irritations of Earth. Heaven calms you. It runs through you like a river in its banks. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and it is within your blessed heart.

Love your heart from whence love comes. You have a beautiful heart.
You may have thought otherwise. Today open up your heart to itself.
Acknowledge its power and its beauty. There is nothing to equal it. It is your heart of hearts that I speak of. I speak of it tenderly. I tendered My love in your heart. I could not contain all My love, so I poured it into your heart. Your heart drank up My love. Your heart beats My love. Whose love was it, did you imagine? It is My precise love in your heart. Let it not grow fallow.

You do not keep a seed in the dark forever. Stuck deep in the earth, a seed nevertheless feels the light of the sun and gravitates toward it.
Your heart is growing to Heaven. Your heart is the golden ladder to Heaven. It is an extension ladder. It keeps extending higher and higher. In fact, there is no limit to how far your heart can grow.

Your heart does not emulate Mine. Your heart is Mine. It is the pulse of My heart, and it is also its content. All My love is contained in your heart. Not just a little of it. All of it. I plucked the love from My heart and placed it in yours. The warmth of your heart is Mine. I gave you My heart so it would perpetuate itself on Earth. You are the holder of My heart. My heart stays with you always, yet it is not meant to stop there.

My love in your heart is meant to spill over. You are meant to cover the planet with it. Love is meant to encompass the Earth and beyond. It is not meant to skirt the issue of love. Open the floodgates of Our heart.
Bequeath love to Earth, the inhabitants of Earth, and all the seen and unseen realms that enfold it. Take the soothing balm of love in your heart and apply it like a gentle massage. Keep applying it. Your beloved arms, extensions of your beloved heart, reach far. They encircle the manifest and unmanifest. Your heart births love. It is a perpetual process, this process of love.

It is effortless in its befalling. Effort of love is not love.
Attempts at love are not love. Effort is effort. Attempts are attempts. You do not harness love. You must unbridle it.

There is no cap on the Sun. You may pull down the shades. You may close your eyes, but you affect the Sun not at all.

Nor do your upsets affect the love in your heart. Nothing can vacate the love in your heart. You cannot. You may have tried. You may have tried to assume a loveless heart but you only kid yourself. No heart can dry up.
Hearts can only drown in love. They are meant to. Feel the liquid flow of your heart now. Listen to it. Love proclaims itself. All of this takes place in your heart. Reclaim the love in your heart, and return it from whence it came and so resurge it anew.

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