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VeroniKA and GOD

Veronika to God:

Dear God, please tell me if I am right about the Heavenletter #1859 Enter Heaven.

"It is not for you to ride on other people’s shoulders. Your shoulders are meant to carry others. I tell this to everyone. It is no secret."

You say, it is not mine to ride on others shoulders - my shoulders are to carry others -you tell this to everyone - and for me it is so that if everyone does not ride on the others' shoulders then all shoulders are freed of any carrying?
because I carry my own things but I am not here to carry the others or their things - I am here to support them, that's right, but not to carry them.
I am here to hold with my consciousness many others to give them the token to Heaven but not to carry them on my shoulders to Heaven - because then I have such a heavy weight on my shoulders that I cannot any longer look up to Heaven -
and then I do not know where to carry the others to.

Dear God, please tell me your answer because I am helpless in translating this sentence.

Love, Veronika

God to Veronika:

Dearest Veronika, go by the spirit of the law. You understand this. You have a view of the world, and in your view, you are self-sufficient. You light your way to Heaven. As you light your way, the way for others is also lighted.

Consider that you leave bread crumbs, like Hansel and Gretel, so that others may follow where you walk. You do not wait in life for someone to carry you, and yet, when there are others’ bread crumbs to follow, you do not refuse.

If you are in a jungle, and you cut a swath, others benefit. If you are in a jungle, you do not wait for someone to cut a swath for you. Yet, if path there be, you walk on it. Sometimes you cut the swath. Other times someone else cuts the swath. We can say that you are carried on their shoulders. You are not a burden. Unseen shoulders are always carrying you higher.

Christ did not wait for any one to show him the way. Nor did he think that he was to carry the world on his shoulders. He simply lit a path and left tokens of his love along the way. Beloved Veronika, he served the world, but he was not in service to the world. He was in service to Me.

No one is Atlas to the world, and yet everyone is.

There is no burden to carry, and yet everyone is carried.

In climbing the golden ladder, hands above help you, and your hands help those who are reaching to the rung of the ladder you stand on.

You are dependent upon no man. No one is dependent upon you. And yet you are dependent upon everyone, and everyone is dependent on you.

There is Oneness, so, in that sense, who is there to carry, and who is to be carried?

Embrace the world, and so you carry it. It is My Will that you embrace the world. Meanwhile, I hold you high as a torch I carry. I carry the world. You follow along.

Do not carry burdens. A fireman who saves someone from a burning fire – his burden is light. It is no burden at all. He is not thinking about weight. He is thinking to save someone. The fireman’s heart carried him where his intellect could not.

My general advice in reading Heavenletters is to let the intellect rest and let your heart carry the mind, as it were. It doesn’t matter so much what My words say as that you read them, and yet they say something. In your case, as a translator, you naturally pay keen attention to My words as words, and so you must. And your question is well-taken.

Translating My words is like translating life. The same way I tell you that all is well, that does not always make sense to you. That’s all right, you do well to take My word for it just the same. In the same way, everyone carries, and no one is carried. And I carry all. My love carries you, as your love does shoulder the world.

Dear God,

thank you for your answer

love to You and All
carried by Your love