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The Shift: The Revolution in Human Conciousness

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Here is a very interesting writing about conciousness from "Infite Being"!
and below an excerpt of Owen Waters' book:

"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"
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David Hawkins has done a Scale of Consciousness,
which he uses to demonstrate that people of higher
frequencies of consciousness support people on this planet who
are below the critical 200 level.

If humanity as a whole vibrates below the 200 level on the
Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, then it is doomed to extinction
through a downward spiral into eventual self-destruction.
Because of the billions of inhabitants on this planet whose
circumstances prohibit even a secure chance of survival, there
is plenty of downward pressure within the mass mind of

As has been said before in this newsletter, there are 800
million people that are hungry, with many of them living near
starvation. The consciousness of despair tests at a level of
just 50. Even anger and hatred rate higher in frequency than
the deep depression experienced by those who live with no
appearance of hope.

So here we are, on Planet Earth, a collective humanity
swimming hard through life to keep our collective chins above
the 200 level, working towards the day when hunger and
hopelessness will be eradicated from our world once and for

What can you do to help? As you raise your consciousness, you
contribute more and more to the spiritual quality of the global
mind. Therefore, your greatest service to humanity is,
paradoxically, the development of your own consciousness.

The following is a chapter from "The Shift" by Owen Waters,
which reviews this principle and relates it to the second, or
higher, tier of memes (levels of consciousness).

Being as Well as Doing:

Many Core Cultural Creatives (today's leading edge in
consciousness) have a nagging doubt about life, one which comes
and goes and sometimes troubles them deeply. They intuitively
feel that they are here on Earth to help humanity, but they
just can't seem to figure out what exactly they are supposed to
be doing about it.

The problem really comes from our current training in Western
society. We are taught, from a very early age, to do things and
achieve outward results, to build monuments of our outward
'doingness' for all to see.

But, what about 'beingness?'

The answer to the dilemma lies in understanding that there is
a difference between doing and being, and your state of being
does make a difference. It actually affects the mass
consciousness of the world. The research behind the Hawkins
Scale of Consciousness reveals the enormous power of just
being, especially when you raise your consciousness in order to
be the best you can be. You can support literally millions of
people on planet Earth just by virtue of who you are, by being
a person conscious at one of the higher memes or chakras.

Remember, to reach 500 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness,
a person needs to be spiritually conscious. At this level,
unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness become alive
and well in their reality. Here, one person counterbalances
750,000 people who are below the 200 level.

When a person has practiced meditation long and diligently
enough to attain bliss consciousness at the 600 level, they
are, at that moment, counterbalancing 10 million people below
the 200 level.

Your chakra system is designed to receive energy from the
cosmos and from the local environment. Your thoughts and
feelings condition life energy as it passes through you, out
into the mental environment, or the atmosphere of the global
mind. The chakras are receiving and transmitting devices for
mental and life energy. An individual is like a radio station -
you transmit whatever program you are playing internally.

When you are operating from the frequencies of your upper
chakras, the second tier of memes, you are operating in
spiritual service to the world. The second tier is spiritual in
nature. When your awareness is functioning in the second tier,
you are spiritually conditioning the atmosphere of the global
mind and making the world a better place.

While you are here on Earth, you are contributing who you are
- your thoughts, your dreams and your passion for life - into
the atmosphere of a global mind that is hungry for, more than
anything else, spiritual light.

This was an excerpt from:
"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"