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HEAVEN #1847 Let Your Life Speak for You November 25, 200

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HEAVEN #1847 Let Your Life Speak for You November 25, 2005

God said:

Let every day be a day of Thanksgiving.

Be thankful that you have life, and you will not complain about it.

Be thankful you have food, and you will not complain about it.

Be thankful, and you will not complain.

It takes arrogance to complain!

It takes awareness to be thankful.

I have great awareness and I am grateful for you. I am glad that you are. I am glad that you exist, and that you exist to reveal Me to the world.
In your simple existence, you reveal Me. Every time you give thanks, you reveal Me, the greatest Thanksgiver in the world.

Reveal Me, beloveds. Reveal My blessings. Reveal My Will.

I am found even in the littlest ant. Do you not think I am found in you?

Be you reprobate or be you saint, you reside in My heart. Contrary to popular belief, I do not judge. First of all, I see beyond what the world sees and what you may demonstrate. Each Being on Earth works according to his perceived ability. I will not say ability, because your ability is greater than you perceive. If all in the world went according to their true ability, there would no need for My words. You would not need them.
Therefore, I would not give them. We would simply sing instead.

My words are a great gift and, like you, they serve great purpose.
My words fall on ears that hear and on deaf ears alike. When My words come to Earth, they come to Earth. You receive them, and you filter them into your scheme of things. Beloveds, My words do not require filtering. Just let them enter you without discretion. Just let them enter your heart. Just accept them like rain. You do not admit one raindrop and not another. Rain is rain. My words are My words.

My words are My energy filtered down through layers of consciousness, and they alight on you, the hearer of them. Whether you read My words or not, you hear them. They are like music going through the airwaves. Whether you have the radio on or not, the music is there. You have heard Me more than once. My love is running through you pell-mell.

Today is an occasion for love. You do not love without gratitude.
You do not love that which you do not appreciate. Inasmuch as you are to love all, then appreciate all. Appreciate where someone is coming from whether you like it or not. Appreciate life. Life is meant for everyone on Earth. It is not meant just for the so-called holy. It is meant for everybody and his brother, and everybody is brother.

If I, God, am thankful for every single soul on Earth, can you do less? If all are My sons and daughters, who is not your brother or sister?
Are you not birds that fell from the same nest?

So every day feed the hungry. Be thankful you can. So every day welcome the hordes of humanity. Be thankful you can. Welcome their daring to be alive on Earth. Welcome their presence. Welcome what they do for you, and welcome what you do for them.

When you welcome all to the feast, you are giving thanks. You give thanks on behalf of Me. Your voice will be heard along with Mine. Your silence will be heard along with Mine.

Voice your intent in your heart. That is enough. My words are Truth, but yours are often stretching. I know you want to be thankful for everyone and everything. Express your desire in the silence of your heart. Be thankful that you wish to be thankful. Let your life speak for you. It does speak for you.

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