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this is me!

hi all,
heavan letters have been a blessing beyond compare...everytime i find myself distressed or disturbed they bring solace to me. i find myself crying a lot when i read the letters...but thats coz they are so beautiful! sometimes one almost can sense just HOW MUCH we are loved and how well, by God. and thats always a tear jerker.
i lost my only sister , 18 yr old to suicide a year ago. it came as such a shock, she was my soulmate and my gaurdian angel. i believe she still is. God was always part of our lives, important to us. he held me when i was beyond any help. during the time i was going thru enormous pain, i could still feel this sense of being HEld...lovingly,in his hands. One day, he introduced me to heavanletters. and since then i have eagerly awaited opening each letter. sometimes i let them pile up, just so i can open the treasure box and find this huge bunch of miracle mail...
thank you Gloria and bless you with everything that u will...and god wills.
looking forward to being part of this forum.
love and many hugs,


hello to you abhaa -

just came in to welcome you and saw that you introduced yourself

thank you for your words and be welcomed here on board from the heart of hearts

this is a safe -guarded- place
where you can talk - write - post
where you can exchange with others
where you can tell your opinions (non political)
where you can be with us - even if we are not directly surfing here in that special moment - but we share this angelsplace

the human angels and all kinds of angels have found their meeting place

enjoy your night now

and so it looks here:

I've sent you nothing but angels!

A big welcome hug to you, abhaa!
We are all angels to each other.


Dear Abhaa,

Oh, my dear, I am so sorry about your sister. Such a heartache. Your one dear sister, so young.

Do you still have your parents, Abhaa? And where do you live?

It is beautiful how you have been so open. You have told us what matters.

And now I ask you where you live and what you do. I make conversation, when there is really nothing to say but how sorry I am.

I will email you or post a Heavenletter or two from a future book, As If You Could Lose a Loved One.

I bless Veronika and Paula for welcoming you here on behalf of us all and thank you for coming.

God bless you, dear sister.

With love,



thank you dear sisters and angels

im truly blessed to have found this talk to yal. my sister is always with me. and i feel her presence every moment. she watches over me, guides me and consoles me.
sometimes though, i feel very alone. having found and lost a soulmate, i wonder whether i will ever be close to anyone else again. i wish i could find a companion like her again. i do live with my parents who care for me very much, and we live in Goa, India.
dear gloria , thank you for writing and would really appreciate any mail from u. thanks to veronika and paula for welcoming me...bless yal with joy and peace.
im grateful for all i have...and i trust that magic will unfold in my life. thank you God most of all for being my truest and most loving life partner.

this is me!

hello abhaa,

Goa is very pretty -
one of my daughters lived there for four years
ran her own restaurant on the beach

and we visited her christmas 3 years ago -

a lovely place where the ocean and its waves will do their blessings to you, too


I want you to know You can write me anytime for any reason and I will do my utmost to address your needs. I have found some very endearing friends here. A blessing! A miracle!

My name is John. I am 50 years old. I live in Sarasota, FL. I am happily married to a wonderful woman, Jane. I am disabled, but I paint and write poetry every day and hope to someday make money in a business on the Internet which I have been exploring for quite some time.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Columbia University in New York City and I studied at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. before I got hurt. My hobbies are reading and meditating and I have been on my spiritual path for 3 years.