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It has come to our attention that we have to be careful about copying and pasting articles and stories from other writers. I worked as a journalist, and as a writer I needed to learn about copyrights. The normal way to go about getting permission to copy someone's work is to write or call them and simply ask permission. They will want to know how many people will read the work, and who (what type of readership it is). As an example of how to do this from an Internet web site we can use "Belief Net" as an example. Here's how I asked permission

1. look at site map for a clue as to how to ask permission
2. click onto the "Copyright Permission" page (they may not have this terminology, in that case just access "contact us").
3. Either fill out their permission request form, or write an email with the info above.
4. Wait for their reply before you copy and paste.
5. If they ask for a gratuity to copy, decide on your own. If they say no, don't copy it.

Any questions, please email me or better, post your experiences with copyright. Best wishes.