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Dear Friends,

I am thinking of the miracle of this message board forming. Miraculously Adrachin and Santhan arrived on the scene to host and administrate it and message board members post to make it so wonderful and inviting to all the new members who are already here and to all those who are yet to arrive.

I am thinking of the miracle of the internet! Who dreamed of this one? It is still unbelievable to me.

I am thinking of the miracle of the computer! I remember using carbon paper!

It is a miracle that we have Heavenletters! It is a miracle that God gives them to us and that I have the privilege of writing them down, that they are high consciousness, and that people all over the world love them.

I think language altogether is a miracle. We have thoughts, make sounds, our lips move, and someone else knows what we mean. And that there are so many languages!

I have some personal specific miracles but they will have to wait.

What miracles would you like to tell about?