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HEAVEN #1833 Helping Others November 11, 2005

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HEAVEN #1833 Helping Others November 11, 2005

God said:

You wonder, when you have promised to do something for another whether you have taken over their own responsibility. You may have asked yourself, “How much responsibility is mine to take? And what if I take it, and don’t want it any more? What do I do then?”

And you also ask, “Am I making someone dependent upon me? Am I being dependent upon serving them? I want to be dependable but not depended on. I want to be reliable, but I don’t want to be relied on too much for my own good or another’s.”

This is relative life, beloveds, and yet while much depends upon a particular situation, there is a general answer: Take responsibility when more than the idea makes your heart glad. In your heart, you want to be a person who does wonderful things, and yet sometimes you don’t have the capacity to fulfill that which you honor. Bless all the Human Beings who can in good faith help others carry their burdens.

So you might wish to be bountiful, but you are not, or are not enough.

Even sometimes you would like to help someone carry their groceries, and somehow you hesitate. Sometimes you think too much.

The man who helped Christ carry the cross did not weigh the pro’s and con’s. He did not think of all the ramifications. He saw a simple need, and he filled it simply. He did it for no other reason than that he was there, and he saw the need. It doesn’t matter if his name is remembered or not. His simple deed is remembered and synthesized in everyone’s heart.

Sometimes ego propels you to good deeds. Your motive may be more ulterior than you thought. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, beloveds, even desire to enter Heaven has its ulterior motive..

When there is a fire, you do not debate: “Every man for himself. Let everyone find his own way out.” You do not say further: “Those who find their way out are meant to find their way out. It is not for me to interfere.” You may not be the great hero who carries everyone to safety, but you try to put out the fire.

You can justify or not justify anything you choose to. Make your choices and do not depend upon outside reasons to fortify them, for then you have made yourself dependent upon reasons.

There are always reasons to do and reasons not to do.

Dependency was not always considered a bad thing. Dependency exists. One day someone depends on you. Another day you depend upon someone. Dependency, to or fro, you may have jumped away from as you would a bull. You can only serve by serving.

To be able to depend on another is not a bad thing. Depend also carries the name trust.

Follow your heart for its own value, not one imposed upon it.

Align your words with your heart, and make your words come true. Be able to rely on your words, beloveds.

I rely on you. We can say I am dependent upon you. I depend upon you to serve Me in the world. When you serve Me, your attention is on serving Me. Not so much on this individual or that individual you are serving, and how much you are, but rather your attention on serving a greater horizon.

Beloveds, as you serve Me, you serve yourself. Analysis and weighing have nothing to do with service. Simply serve simply.

Copyright@ 11-11-05