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HEAVEN! #1811 Where Heaven Lies October 20, 2005

HeavenlettersT, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God * Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN! #1811 Where Heaven Lies October 20, 2005

God said:

When you do not expect people to be logical, you will be less frustrated. Living as a Human Being is not conducive to logic. Logic comes from the past, and even while there is the tendency to use the past as your guide, logic is restrictive. And you are a Human Being who has free will. Of course, everyone seems to have a different definition of logical. Logical doesn't always make sense.

A choice was logical last time, but the same choice another time is not. Logic as used in the world seems to be based on rolling waves and is not consistent within itself.

Free will saves you, however. Free will means you don't have to be consistent and you don't have to be logical. It means you are free to follow your heart. You are free to discover your heart.

The heart is unexplored territory. Explore it, your own true heart, the one that beats within your chest. It beats on its own to its own tempo.
The heart knows when it is eased. It knows when it is fulfilled. Like Santa Claus in the song, your heart knows when you've been good or bad. It knows when you've listened to it and been true or untrue. What your heart feels makes all the difference in the world.

Your heart is not meant to struggle against life. Your heart is not meant for strife nor woe. Your heart is meant for happiness. Like a dog's nose, your heart will lead you to what you are seeking.

It is not your mind that led you to Me. And it is not your mind that keeps you with Me. Your heart is far beyond intellect. We could say that intellect is the street sign, but the heart, the heart is the street itself.

The mind, like a sportscaster, gives commentary. But the heart is out there on the field, playing for all it is worth.

The heart knows everything. Your heart knows everything. Nothing is hidden from the heart. But plenty is hidden from the mind.

The heart can be satisfied whereas the intellect never is. The intellect is grasping while the heart sighs in abundance.

Going by your heart is not to mean indulgence. Indulgence is something else. Too often indulgence fends off the heart. It would avoid the inner knowing. Indulgence is like a dancing girl, enjoyable only for a little while, requiring another and yet another dancing girl.

Let your heart speak to you of love. Going by your heart does not mean soft-hearted. Soft-heartedness is often its own kind of indulgence.
It's a kind of mourning. Stay away from pity. Pity is not love. Come from love which sees a far vaster picture.

Come from love. The mind does not love. The mind thinks, or it frets and worries. It sends pangs to your heart. Pangs are not love. Pangs contract. Love expands. Let your heart expand in love.

Do not think it is foolish to love. To love is the greatest wisdom.
Love and wisdom are the same. Wisdom does not mean logic. Wisdom comes from the heart. Unless it is love, it is not wisdom. Wisdom feels good to the heart. Know that wise and logical are two different things. Wisdom comes from a higher place. The heart is a higher place.

It is your heart that reaches to Heaven. The intellect cannot. The intellect stops at the door. Intellect cannot admit itself into Heaven because it cannot release its hold on thought.

Heaven, of course, is beyond thought. Your heart reaches to Heaven, right where you came from. Heaven-ness lies in your heart. Take it. It is yours.

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