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Tasty, spicey, but not too hot.

Shot the breeze.
Began a tease.

Wanted a sleaze.
Well, felt it.

Grew up.
My woman, my wife:
She's Darling, forever.

Now, you know, out there, the world
Those things,
Material, Physical
Attracting, Addicting?

Their, well; Dumb.
Real Dumb.

I'm smart, so; real smart.

And I like ordinary people,
though educated like a Heifer set for Nobility.

Wanted a Royal One, you know.
Right through and through.

Now, my dearly beloved friends:
I, John; Have a book to write.

May take 20 years.
But uh. See.

You know what?
I don't know.

I'd like to tell you,

Like, see?


Stefan John
"The Mad Poet"

"About it"
I say.