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mimi and brissa - the new ones on 17th

Hi -
isn't a wonderful event -
Brissa is 17 and came here on the seventeenth - this the eight -> unconditional love
and the number of the month is ten - > 1 a new beginning!

you see "playing" with figures and numbers come through -

MiMi -
in Germany there is song that rhymes to MiMi but not in english - the meaning is that this Mimi never goes to bed without a book -

you may be that one who says through this meaning - go to bed with a heavensletter for goodnight reading!!!!!

you both are welcomed here on board
we are happy to meet you here

we are happy to read your posts
we are happy to get your answers

it is a multicultural board
let's play together -

so I wish you a good night - a good morning - a good afternoon
(even if there is no good nor bad!)

blessing to all of us -
GOD: I look into your eyes this moment and bless you. Hold that blessing like a candle before you
blessings back to you in joy