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HEAVEN #1800 The Lover of Life October 9, 2005

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HEAVEN #1800 The Lover of Life October 9, 2005

God said:.

Don't be afraid to change your thoughts. As you grow, change must hold court. Do not consider changing your mind as an enemy nor as a weakness. It is only changing your mind. Your mind has needed much changing.

Sometimes you simply need to make a decision. It does not have to be foolproof. You just have to try it on. When you choose red for your dining-room, you can repaint it later. You simply cannot always stay the same.

You may feel you lose face when you change your mind. Perhaps you are gaining faith.

In any case, face is a front, and you do well to lose it. Saving face is saving ego. Don't be afraid to change your mind in public or private. Once changed, it is changed. Once you liked your red dining-room, and now you want it green. Is that so bad? Why not admit that you are learning and growing?

And, yes, of course, some people change their minds constantly. It was never made up. Indecision may be a reflection of influence from others or from fear of making a mistake. Choosing not to make a mistake is opposed to living life. Do not feel chastened to know that you are wiser today than you were yesterday.

A decision does not have to be a commitment. Commit yourself to love your whole lifelong. Otherwise, decisions are made to be changed. Everything in the observable world is changing. Can you be so sure that you must not?

Aversion to change is holding on. Take care of what you hold on to.
Amassing old thoughts is not recommended. Why do you want to keep them? Are they so wonderful? Have they held you in good stead?

Once you rode a three-wheeler. Now you graduate to a two-wheeler.

Then you ask: "But, God, aren't we supposed to hold onto tradition?"

I answer: "Not for its own sake alone. Not for the sake of the past.
Tradition is made of waves that wash over you. It may be your true heart to follow them. Or it may not. Follow your heart. Let that which you value be your tradition. Let other people choose theirs."

Modern does not necessarily mean better, but nor does it have to mean worse.

Some things matter, and some don't. Trends don't matter. Hair styles don't matter. Love does. Enjoy hair styles, but do not give homage to them.

Give homage to love. Give respect to all. Think your own thoughts, and let others think theirs. You don't own other people's thinking . Because you love applesauce, doesn't mean everyone must. If the whole world loves applesauce, that doesn't mean that you must also.

When you hold fast to what you have always thought, you take a stand. Perhaps you have always thought that taking a stand was a good thing, but from taking stands, wars have come.

When you take a stand, your mind is made up, and there is sorry little that you will allow to shake you from it.

Stand up for love, and then you will know you have the right shoe on the right foot. In every case, let love win. In every case, sooner or later, love does win. Why not now?

You need not to be disciplinarian in life. You do not need to be the ruler of it. Choose to be the lover of life, and love it, and be with it, and give to it, and, while you are at it, make it shine.