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HEAVEN #1799 You Are Eternal Being October 8, 2005

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HEAVEN #1799 You Are Eternal Being October 8, 2005

God said:

Excitement is not your aim in life. You are not looking for big waves that toss you up into the air. You are looking for calm waters. You don’t have to notice yourself as you go through the waves.

What is excitement but noticing yourself? What you find exciting gives you another fillip of evidence that I love you, notice you, take care of, bless you. It is for you to know that this is always the case. When you know this and remember this, then you are not seeking the highs and therefore will not be swept up so much in the corresponding lows.

No matter how calm the sea, it is lifting you up to Me. A calm sea can also stir your heart. Let your heart be stirred with love, and you will not need excitement to swirl it more.

Each day you ride on the epitome of life. You are at the peak. The peak rises higher with you, but you don’t need a dramatic take-off. You are riding in a smooth elevator. You do not need one that spurts up and tosses you from side to side. The elevator of life you ride doesn’t have to be a soap opera heaped with drama and suspense.

Wherever you climb, you are not suspended. You may not know the exact floor you are going to, but you are not suspended. It is an impossibility that you are ever absent from Me, or I from you. If your body were falling from the moon to Earth, you would not be falling, beloveds. You would still be rising with Me.

When you lose an eyelash, you have not lost your sight.

When you trip and fall, your knee may be scraped, but you yourself are untouched.

Life itself is your adventure. You don’t need to accelerate your life and make it something more.

You are not a mountain climber who seeks to be the first to reach a peak.

Beloveds, you are all riding in the same elevator. Anything else you think is imagined. Any departure from elevation is an impossibility, no matter how it seems to you, no matter how it looks to anyone else, no matter the outcome. Any outcome that departs from what I say is only a scratch on the surface.

What can be lost when you are Eternal Being? Even when you wander, how can you be lost when there is no place to be lost to?

What can damage Eternal Being? Nothing I know of, and I know of everything. I know you are intact. No matter what you think you are going through, or the world is going through, it is a conflagration of wits. It is not Truth. Truth cannot be false.

If you hold Truth in one hand and false in another, and you hold your hands out, false will slip away. Only Truth will remain. Your life is Truth. At the same time you hold false imaginary pages of life. These slips of papers will slip from your hands and slip away before your eyes, and what is Truth will remain. Why would you be astonished?

Search for excitement is one of those papers that falls away. Excitement can only stay for a short time. Excitement will be replaced with Knowingness. Knowingness vibrates with fast high-moving energy, but it is not excitement. It is the high-level energy you really seek.

You are really seeking that which can be kept. You are really seeking the Truth of yourself that lies not in excitement. You are the high-vibrating energy of love. Let your life reach the high notes. You are writing the music now.