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HEAVEN #2314 In the Garden March 27, 2007

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HEAVEN #2314 In the Garden March 27, 2007

God said:

All-embracing is My light. That is another way to say there is Oneness. Oneness is all-embracing. All-inclusive, it leaves nothing out. The light of My love is omnipresent. It embraces all. There is no judgment in Oneness, for Oneness sees the light of itself, and sees nothing to judge. And so will you, embraced indelibly in Oneness, see nothing to judge. In Oneness, there will indeed be nothing to judge. There will be no misconduct. There will be no misconstruing. There will be no action committed that does not uphold the Oneness of Love Itself.

There will be no crimes to see because there will be no crime.

There will no unfairness because in Oneness there can be none. Everything will be seen as it is in the beauty of Oneness.

You live in Oneness now. You have merely overlooked it. Oneness, once known, once absorbed, once enabled for all timelessness, will reveal your life as a Garden Party. The Garden of Eden will have nothing on you. In this gorgeous Garden Party that you will soon attend, you will even dance with the serpent, and the serpent will not hiss. The serpent, embodiment of your lower self, this distortion you call your lower self and blame on the snake, will not be subservient. He will not crawl. He will swim agilely across the grass and will not be seen in the connotations you have made for snake. True, he is an Earthly creature, but the Earth will be loved and loving. And so will you in the fully glory of Creation,

You will gaze in awe upon all of Creation. There will be wonder and more wonder of the ebullience of life. You will wander no more. Your step will be firm, and it will be light and lighted.. Your heart will be full of wonder. Lights will go on all over the universe of Oneness.

One heart will be heard. One heart alone will beat. Amidst individuality, universality will soar. Universality is Oneness, beloveds. Separation and discounting will be unheard of. Everyone will love every country and every person. Everyone will be parent to every child. All will be yours. What a treat you have in store for you when you love every child on Earth as if it were your own. You will know it is your own. All adults will be your brothers and sisters, the kind of brother and sister you have always dreamed of. You will be so full of love that anything else will be vanquished. Nothing else will exist but the love thumping in your heart. There will be so much, you won’t know what to do with it. There will be nothing to do with it but let it surface, and yet no longer will there be surface. All will be deep in your heart. Life will indeed take place in another dimension. It always has!

It is not so much that you rise, although you do. It is that all that has kept you away from the heights has disappeared. The ballast, as it were, has been thrown overboard, and the balloon rises. This that you call ascension has ever been eager to have you join it. You were never away from it. Woe of one kind or another and disbelief in it kept you down. But you do not even need belief in it for you to be lifted up. It is in your awareness that you are lifted. All it takes is your awareness.

In the Garden I speak of, it is not only flowers that bloom. The whole world and you will be in full bloom. You will see.

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