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HEAVEN #2302 Manna from Heaven March 15, 2007

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HEAVEN #2302 Manna from Heaven March 15, 2007

God said:

Love is love, and do not think there is love more or less or love greater or love lesser. Do not think you have to love Me more than someone in Human form. The one in Human form is also I There is no love that is not for Me. Even your love for a piece of furniture is your love for Me.

I want you to love. I would not have you hold back your love. I would have you love to your heart’s content.

Love a book you read. Love a book you don’t read. Love your neighbor, and love someone far away in a distant land who is also your neighbor. .

Do not weigh your love. Just love. Do not feel that love has to fall in a certain place and not in another. Do not think that there are better places for love or less worthy places for love. Love is to be given carte-blanch. Love is not to be reserved. It is not to be saved for special occasions. Or, We can say, every moment is a special occasion.

Let love radiate out from your heart the way the yellow sun radiates its healing light. Would you criticize the sun for shining its light on all? Why then chastise yourself because you love where you love and the depth you love? Be glad instead.

Wherever your love falls, it falls on Me.

Love your farm plow, and you are loving Me.

Love your hand, and bless the world with it.

Love your heart, and bless the world with it.

Let your hand and heart be love. If it is okay for your hand to bless a leper, why not your heart to love him?

Love all. Love madly, for why would you save up love for a rainy day?

The rainy day is here. There is a drought of love in the Universe. Love has been collected here and there, but love is not to collect. Love is to be given. It is not to be amassed. It is to be handed out like pamphlets on the street.

If you love to read, it does not mean you have only to read and love great literature. It is perfectly all right too to read the dime novel and love it. Love what you love, and soon you will readily love everyone and everything. You will leave nothing out. You will not be an aristocrat of love. You will simply be one who loves.

Do not be frightened of loving. Love instead of thinking about it.

Love even that which you do not love. Love snakes and insects. Love them that they live and share the Universe with you.

Love is not to be reserved like a library book. Love is for the masses. Distribute it. Love made common is uncommon in the world, beloveds. Love as you have never loved before. Give yourself permission to love. You have held back your love as if it were some terrible thing rather than the light of God. Love is precious, not as a jewel to be kept in a safe, but love heralded, love democratic, love deific, love disbursed like manna from Heaven.

Beloveds, love is manna from Heaven. Where did you think the love in your heart came from? Know that love grows on trees and grows in your heart and is to be delighted in. Open your heart now. Let your heart be soft and warm. Only hardened hearts break. Let your heart be like the willow tree that bends, and it will still be mighty like the oak.

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