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HEAVEN #2301 The Perfect Moment March 14, 2007

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HEAVEN #2301 The Perfect Moment March 14, 2007

God said:

Life is like Godwriting. You just have to jump in. You start somewhere, and then you precede.

You cannot fly a kite unless you loosen the string.

You cannot drive a car until you start the motor.

What can you do without just doing it?

Even when you wash dishes in the sink, you have to plunge your hands in.

So today We have a swimming lesson. Come into the water with Me. Dive in. The water’s fine.

The way to begin is to begin. Where you begin doesn’t matter. Begin at the end or the middle – it’s fine. Which end of the pool you jump into is up to you. The thing is you get wet wherever you dive in.

Remember the movies when people had old-fashioned pens? People would lick them before they began writing. Now you just write.

Remember when cars had to be cranked up before they would start?

I am cranking you up now. What I do is stir your heart. I rev you up. I give you the momentum to go forward today to unclimbed mountains, to forests never crossed, to people never met, to adventures not yet written. No need to read the weather forecast. I forecast sunny days. And if it should rain, well, then, it is only rain. And if it is raining now, the rain will stop. You can be assured of this.

There is no valley of darkness, beloveds. There are only timid hearts, shy hearts, safety-seeking hearts, hearts testing the waters, fearful to venture forth. But enter the water, you will. One way or the other, you will. There simply is no way to avoid life. It is better not to practice avoidance anyway, beloveds.

And so I tell you to jump in.

Do not wait for the perfect moment, the perfect music, the perfect accompaniment, the perfect companion. Enter into life right now. The perfect moment is now. Have you been holding back? Now skip forward. Fast forward your lives. This is what dreams do for you. Dreams urge you forward.

And if you do not have a dream right now, make one up. Fashion it. Emblazon a new dream on your heart, and then some more. Your heart needs them, needs dreams very much. Dreams, not accomplishments, keep you going. Accomplishments are of the past. Dreams are present, not future, beloveds. Dreams are right now. Dream now. Don’t save up dreams until later. Dream them now. This is how you make the future. You make it in the present right now.

You do not coerce the future to you. You conjure it the way a magician conjures. Only your dreams are not sleight of hand. Your dreams are not tricks. Your dreams are to be dreamed. That’s what dreams are for. Dreaming is like reading a cook book with beautiful illustrations. How can you not want to cook that marvelous recipe!

You may not have all the ingredients on hand for the recipe that whets your appetite. When it comes to dreams, however, you have all the ingredients. There is, in fact, only one needed, and that is imagination. If your imagination is a little rusty, just get it running. Your imagination is a self-oiling mechanism. Just get it moving.

If you have left your imagination on a shelf, find it, and take it down now. Dust it off, and put it into action. That what imagination is for, to be used. Imagine what you can imagine in this timeless moment.

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