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The Truth Which Is, My Self and You

Being loved
Is not an uphill struggle
It's not a forced march
But a pleasant walk
On level terrain
That just as much would play in the rain
As soak up the rays
That doesn't get all bent out of shape
If a few hills or bumps come its way
For true love
Keeps us above
Not in a detached, superior way
Nor inferiorly disdained
But flies high above
Limited "love"
While still embracing
What all have been facing
In terms of not feeling as having enough
As far as wondering when will come
Our prosperity and love
Yet as we truly face
As we see the beauty and glory of loves true Face
We won't feel the need to constantly retrace
Or the competitive urge that speaks in terms of winning a race
Nay, the reality of love in all its grace
Will lead us to lead
Without repeating
"Lead, follow or get out of the way"
For loves moment is now
When and Where all are inclusively bestowed
Never separate
Even if contrary, the whirlwinds of the world would blow
For what is One is never two
Can never lose
Nor be lost to
The truth
Which Is
My Self and You

copyright @ 2007 Michael Mayer