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Heaven Letters reach Africa

Dear Gloria, I have come across your site a few weeks back. I cannot exactly recall through which contact but that is of little relevance now. I just love receiving your letters. They are simply heavenly! What better way to discribe them? A very dear friend of mine is a reverend in Uganda , Africa , whom I had put on your list. When he opened the first one, he told me how that one letter spoke to him so much, he was lost for words. I explained to him who you were, a little about your history and he said it was as if you knew personally!! We laughed about it and ever since enjoy so much your heaven letters. We are currently building my friend's website for his church and wondered if you had any objection to us putting a link to your website so that many more people in Africa get to know about your inspiring writing? We would like also to post some of these letters on the site, again clearly displaying their origin. Thank you so much for making us feel so good. Thank you and of course, thank God! Lots of love. Isabelle