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Valentine's Day and Love

Hello everyone!!

The following was actually part of an email I had sent to Gloria.
She had suggested posting it under "my Creative writing!".
Such a lovely soul is Gloria.
Always encouraging and making other's dreams come true!
It is absolutely wonderful to experience someone who embodies their beliefs and offers support, as well as illuminating light!!

As for everyone in the Forum, who is a Romantic at heart, as well as those who keep their sense of Romanticism and passion under wraps, ENJOY the following excerpt!!


A Million Flowers

I send you a million flowers.
Rose petals to your feet.

A thousand bouquets.

I send you roses, upon roses and ask you to take my hand in marriage and share this Glorious Life.
I say:"Take me to the Summit and let us live in the castle and make love in the villa.
Take long walks on the beach...hand in hand...while feeling sand crawl up in our toes.

You are my absolute perfect Dream!!!

Do not give up on me quite yet.

There is more than an apology that I have for you.
If you must speak to me then say so.
But know "I Love you" and that I will rise to meet you.

Be loved!!!


Assured, I take hand in hand and kiss you upon your backside.
Your lips are like sugar.
Your tongue is like chocolate.

I am satiated in the wake of you.
I think of what you ask and I open to what I can give.
Always opening, always giving are the tenets of Love.

Once blind to you, I see.
Once famished, I am now full.

My heart opens to a milllion notes in a song I cannot erase from my soul.

You ask me to dance and my feet had always seemed dumbfounded, before I met you.
God has an amazing way of showing us what Love is.
The embrace of Love, is the wind that breathes life and forms flight beneath the wings of lovers.

What greater Beauty is there than Love?
No art supercedes its prescence.
No body of Knowledge could ever be as expansive, as the power and security, I feel in your gaze.

How many lifetimes have I awaited you??
Uncertain, I found myself lost to even the possibilities.
You came to me in such a provocative way.
Love beckons us to be larger than we could first imagine ourselves to be as one part.

Love makes these two parts we call separate=One.

How could I ever have been so foolish??
Looking at weakness where there exists only strength.

Beloved come and be with me...
Dance in the moonlight, walk in the sun and bask in the very light of God.

Here I am, after dispelling every doubt, I embrace you.
Here I am, promising you, beckoning perhaps a thousand lost parts of myself.

On bended knee, I salute you, I honour you.
I say: " I love You" and ask to be swallowed in an endless ocean of Bliss,
so that I may emerge with a clearer sight and a sounder mind.

I whisper to you:"Be my Queen" and dance with me!!


There are frogs and princes masqueraded as frogs and ofcourse frogs who have such a strong desire and volition to be the prince.
Yet, i say Kings are far and few between.
Wear your crown, of honour and come to me.

Beloved, I want to swim in your ocean of roses and know the succulence of your garden.

I have surpassed my fears and been endowed with a security that is God's testament to what Love is between us.
I say:"let's fly to the Heavens and know Eden's luxury together on this Blessed earth".

Touched by you, your sincerity, your willingness to surpass the ordinary, for the extraordinary; to lead rather than follow and to be enlightened by the verses of Love.

I say:" I stretch to meet you, like a flower bending and reaching to the light."

Beloved, I am Home.
Forever embraced in your arms.


A very sincere Valentine's Blessing To You All!!
May you reach for the stars and be immersed in an ocean of Love, covered in a Blanket of Flowers and brought closer to your Beloved!

Much Love,

Without the hope and belief in Love, it remains at an arms distance, seemingly outside of our reach.
Yet, Love has its own rhythms, its own agenda, its fierce and unbridled alchemy that tranforms what we had thought, or imagined, or even doubted and feared.
Love allows us to comes full force at us, without resignation, until we are disentangled from our illusions and enraptured by the primacy of its realness.

Again, BE enraptured and fall to that you may rise to your heights.

Best and warmest regards.

La Dolce Vita.