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The Song Of Life

Dear Friends,
Some time ago, a friend sent me an article with the title ‘The Song of Life’. I loved it so much that when on one occasion I was reading through it, inspiration flowed through me and overcame me. The article was so beautiful that I suddenly felt an urge to further polish the gem before me, allowing my own intuitive insights to flow into it. The result is below! And I do hope and pray that the author of the original will forgive me for having taken the liberty of making these changes. If it is acceptable, may they also serve the purpose of explaining where I spiritually stand.

With Love and Light,


I am God, the holy Trinity of Mother/Father Creator and the only born Son, the Sun beyond the Sun in your sky, the Spirit of the Universal Christ. I am in you and you are in Me. Do you really know who I am and who you are? I am coming to tell you these things because what your world now needs most of all is a new understanding of Me. I am the Universal life force, and you can call Me whatever you like. The name you give to me does not matter. You can call Me by any name and I will always be there. I am part of you and you are part of Me. Even for as long as you have not yet learnt to call for Me and My help, I am with you anyway. Your earthly life becomes easier to bear when you realise this truth and find out again who you truly are. Because you do not know this, you frequently ask the wrong things, my beloved children of the Earth. You want life to be your servant, when in truth you are on this plane to serve life, not the other way round. You want life to serve you and fulfil your wishes instantly.

On top of that, you keep changing your mind. You do this because you do not yet know what is truly good for you, what serves your greatest joy and your highest good, your spiritual development. And so, you have a thousand desires; it is fine and desirable that you have them. Have as many of them as you want; they are good. Demanding their fulfilment at your whim is another story. Learn to discern between the desires of your lower earthly nature and those of your Highest Self, Me. You are all here to learn to overcome the conditions and temptations of your earthly nature.

It is good and right that your earthly self desires the things of the Earth. But now the time has come for you to overcome these desires and to gain mastery over them. Your spirit must take charge and learn to ride the earthly desire nature, instead of being ridden by it. You must learn to master the lower planes of life. Imagine yourself as the captain of a ship, the ship of your mind and your physical body, which sails the great ocean of life. You have come into this lifetime to learn how to gain supreme control over your body and soul; you are in charge; you are responsible.

By putting your hand trustingly into Mine, overcome the drives and urges of your earthly nature. Nail its doubts and fears to the cross of the consciousness of the Earth, knowing that I, your God Self and Divine consciousness, am with you and helping you. Know that in Me all things are possible, all crooked corners come straight and all conditions can be healed. Trust Me and the Angels to guide you, from within your own heart – that’s where I dwell. Listen to the song of life; know that you are safe and live life to the full again, hand in hand with Me.

Send your desires out into the Universe. But beware and remind yourself that you are like jugglers; that you – like them – get back whatever you send out. Unlike an ordinary juggler, who is limited by what they can throw, you are much more and your potential is unlimited. You may have only two hands, but you can throw your desires up to the sky like stars. They will come back to you. It has to be that your desires will shine their light on you. Have trust in your desires. Do not stamp your foot on them. Do not order them around. Let your desires work their magic. Sometimes you give too much help; try not to whip them as if you were in some kind of a race.

Desires have their own schedule. It is you who call their fulfilment late. It is you who too often want to prove that you are not loved enough and therefore your desires don’t do anything. Your desires do everything. What are your desires but thoughts you have? Something occurs to you. You see a commercial, and having seen the commercial, now you want what it is advertising. Have all your material desires. Have all you want. At the same time, desire that which is most beneficial to you. Remember what happens to every gadget you ever desired and received? You don’t even know where you put it now. It sits idle somewhere.

Have all the small-sized desires you want, and remember the giant-sized as well. Perhaps you have been calling the great desires dreams. Dreams are good. Everything you dream of has its basis in that which you call reality. There is not one dream of your deepest heart that cannot come true. I share your dreams for you; I dream my dreams through you. Remember the following things: The love you want from others you need to feel in your own heart first; only then can the love you want from them back to you;; that you are loved; that you are here to love and be loved Remember that you live in a vast Universe and take care that you serve the Universe with laughter and generosity of heart, so It can serve you in the same way. Remember that you are on Earth to enjoy and to give joy. Remember simplicity. Remember you want everything, and have no lack. Remember that lack is but a concept. Do not set it in motion. Lack can and does appear, I know. But know that lack is the other side of plenty. Remember plenty, concentrate on it and thus draw it towards you.

Know that you are a wonder and a miracle. And if a miracle such as you could come into being through the pure thought of the One, who serves all life, you with all your exquisite individuality and unity of being, do you realise that you too can create in this way. Be careful what you wish for and what you create though. Aim to create something grand, like a peaceful world to live in. To fulfil any wish takes desire. Desire your dream and I shall help you to create it.

Become aware of the laws of the Universe and know that you are dynamic beings. That is why from love more love grows, and from hate more hate! It cannot be any other way. In your world, from a piece of stone, art is sculpted. From colour, more colours are made, and replicas of the beautiful life on Earth are painted, and emotions evoked. Music is played, and songs are sung. Eyes shine. I have given you the ability to smile and also to fail pain and shed tears. Know that tears bring healing, so wipe them away and smile again.

I am the I AM; I am the song of life; the whole of My creation is the great symphony of life; you are one of its instruments and each one strikes a different note; you are music; you are a song. I sing through you; I love through you; I experience myself through you and learn about myself. The song of life has many verses; they are your lessons. There are sad and happy ones; good and evil ones. But fear not, evil in the end destroys itself and always leads you and your world back to goodness.

Let Me help each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, to create your own song of life. You are creating it already; keep on creating. What I once set in motion, you are now carrying out. Keep on experiencing; keep on being – you are safe. I have always protected and guided you; you are never alone and I never left you. Thank you and bless you all, My children.

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