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The Physical Shift

The Physical Shift
The group through Steve Rother
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SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ February 2007 Issue <http>

We tell you that the energy of home is here now. You have summoned it
here to be around you every step of the way. It is yours because you
set your intent for it to happen, and now it is yours this day. Most
of you still have difficulties seeing yourself living in your passion
and doing something that you love to do each day. But we tell you
that, in most cases, you already have a part of it in your lives.
Sometimes it is what you do for a living, or maybe just a part of what
you do each day. Sometimes it is something that you get to do once in
a while. Whatever it is that defines your passion, that is the part
that will define your sacred contract and that is here right now. That
is the part that you came here to do-that is your unique contract. No
one else can do that contract the same way that you can. That is your
unique way of bringing heaven and the vibrations of home to Earth for
you to walk in every day. The magic is yours.

We have spoken of the great rewiring taking place within all of
humanity right now. You can only imagine the excitement on this side
of the veil. It is greater than you will ever know. You believe that
you are humans walking around trying to figure out what you will do
for a living and how you will find a connection and how you will find
love, for you believe that those things will define you. In reality,
dear ones, you could not fail if you tried, because there is so much
energy around you every moment of every day. It is incredible to see
from our perspective how you gather all the energy of who you are from
the many dimensions in which you exist. It all comes together at your
beckoning the moment that you smile, the moment you bring that energy
from home and the moment you carry the soul confidence that is
rightfully yours. That is how you bring heaven to Earth.


Many of you are leaders, teachers and healers, and we will speak to
those this day. All of humanity is going through a drastic change.
That change is not limited to these rooms, nor is it limited to a
vibrational level or a label such as "metaphysical.
" It is affecting
all of Earth. We think that it is humorous that you will bring forth
information ahead of the game in the metaphysical arena or in
something that is "out there" like channeling. It is what the keeper
calls "woo-woo science." He is now very proud to be "woo-woo." Yet it
does not change the fact that because valuable information often
comes in those areas it is often discarded due to the misunderstood
nature of divine guidance. But only a short time later it appears in
the scientific magazines as a new theory that explains the
unexplainable. Keep in mind that humans fear the unknown, and because
the source of the information is unsubstantiated by human sciences, it
is discarded by the majority of humans until it is reintroduced by a
"substantiated" source. That fear-based pattern is beginning to change
as the evolution of humanity unfolds. We also tell you that soon
science will begin to grasp that which many of you have learned to
trust in your own hearts. Science will soon reveal that all of
humanity is in an unprecedented spiral of human evolution, and
furthermore it will reveal that human biology is changing right now.
You are shifting at an astounding rate. Due to the rewiring process,
humanity is evolving on a biological level that was not even expected.


You think of us as angels in heaven having this great dimensional
attribute. It is as if we wear some sort of badge that somehow makes
us better than you. That is not the case, dear ones, as we are all
equal, and in fact, we are all actually a part of each other.

Imagine our side of the veil when you were all home and all a part of
us when the game of free choice began. It was decided that the game
would begin and you said, "Okay, we are going to take this game to the
year 2000 and we will have a closure right about here to give finality
to it." You are finite beings, so it was necessary for you to have a
closure. Then you went in and played the game. Can you imagine the
excitement on our side of the veil when Earth passed that final date?
You passed the exit point of planet Earth. That creates some wonderful
possibilities for you as well as some difficulties. We will speak of
both now, because they are actually the same events. They are simply
seen from different points of perception. We tell you that there are
three cameras here in this studio. And if you ever wish to change your
reality, all you have to do is change cameras. When you change the
angle from which you view something, you change the way it appears to
you and therefore you change your reality. Most humans are not aware
of that-you are so accustomed to placing your camera in one spot and
never moving it again. But we tell you, it does move. If, at any
point, you are not happy with the reality you have created in your
life or in any form, all you need to do is pick your camera up and
move it to a better angle from which to view life-it alters your
perception. Change your perception and you change your reality that
fast [snapping fingers]. And now it is more possible than ever before,
and we ask you to begin playing with this, as you are the leaders.


You are the ones who have chosen to go through many of these external
changes in your being in order to open the door for other people. You
are the ones we call the disciples of the light. You are the ones who
have specifically chosen to be here at the forefront of the change.
And even though you might never get credit for your real work and you
might get labeled as woo-woo, you are the ones who have chosen to
hold the light and the energy for all the rest. So if you can imagine
a dark room where everyone is trying to find the door out, you are the
one holding the flashlight. It is not that you show people how to do
things or tell people what to do or which way to turn; it is that you
can show others their options. That is what we do on this side of the
veil. That is why we call this an over-light process. We no longer
come into your world to intercede in your game in the old forms of
angelic intervention to show you the "right" way or the "wrong" way.
The whole illusion of polarity of right and wrong, good and bad, love
and fear, black and white, and up and down are all illusions anyway,
and you no longer need those illusions. There is no black or white;
they are all shades of grey. You now define your own perception and
reality, and if at any point you are not happy with it, please have
the courage to change the camera angle from which you view it.

We wish to speak today about human biology in this shift, because
biology is changing rapidly and that will have a wide variety of
effects on all of humanity. We have spoken of the rewiring process and
the fact that, if that process is interrupted, it can have an effect
on the body with energy disconnections. This has been labeled by your
sciences as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia-we simply call them energy
disorders. The energetic wiring of your human brain is changing
right now. The way the synaptic pathways communicate in the human
brain is changing. It may be years before medical science validates
that this is happening, partly because they knew very little about the
manner in which they communicated before the change began. Even so,
here in the "woowoo" world we will say it now. Humanity is evolving
right before your changing eyes. That change is beautiful, and yet
it will cause challenges for humans.


You will see more people with sleeplessness, with changes in sleep
patterns and the use of sleep time, than ever before on this planet.
Why is that, and why does that have to be a part of the change? It
does not have to be a part of the change, dear ones. We also remind
you to hold your own power at this juncture, and do not listen to
every word we say. Do not think that you must have problems with sleep
to be one of the chosen ones. Dear ones, you are chosen. You are
here, you are sitting in these seats, you are watching this program,
you are reading these words and you have chosen to be harbingers of
the light. You are the ones who will take this to the next level
whether you have sleep problems or whether you help your neighbor with
theirs. Much of this is because you are becoming multidimensional and
you are starting to experience other dimensions of time and space. Due
to that, your own understanding of dimensional reality will change.

One of the biggest dimensional shifts humans experience is the
dimension you call sleep. In fact, many of you who do not consider
yourselves to be healers will find that you might wake up exhausted
rather than rested. If you are not doing the work of your heart in
your waking hours, then when you go to sleep a little bell goes off in
another dimension and it signals that "the doctor is now in." You then
start healing the long line of people who await you and you wake up
the next morning and cannot figure out why you are exhausted. You will
also find that many people will begin to wake at odd hours, more so
than ever before. It may be years before medical science collects
enough data to prove this, but watch for it now, for you are the ones
who have dedicated yourselves to helping people make this shift. That
means shining your light, for that makes the fear go away. You are the
disciples of the light.

We have spoken before of the 3 A.M. club in which people begin to
awaken at 3 A.M. This is actually the beginning of a normal sleep
pattern that you will experience in the future. We call it the triad
of sleep, where you will generally sleep for three hours, wake for two
and then return to sleep for three more hours. This gives people two
hours of wakefulness that they do not know what to do with. These two
hours are very special, as you are in an enhanced state of creation
during these hours. In fact, you are in an altered dimensional state
during these two hours. Now the time lag is gone anyway, but during
these two hours, what you hold in your thoughts will become your
reality very quickly. During that special time, allow yourself to hold
only those thoughts that add to you in some way. You have no control
over the thoughts that enter your mind. You do have complete control
over which thoughts you allow to stay in your brain. Do not worry
about keeping all negative thoughts from your mind. Let them go
through, as they are a needed part of your human experience. Just know
that they can travel through your mind without attaching, and choose
to hold and keep only the thoughts that add to you in some way-and do
not judge yourself for having difficult or negative thoughts. Exercise
that control during these two hours of creating.

Understand that, during the rewiring process, these times and hours
may change a lot, as the 3 A.M. club becomes the 4:45 A.M. club and
then back again over the adjustment period of the next fifty years. In
the days ahead, there will be people waking at all hours trying to
understand what is happening and thinking that something is wrong.
That thought alone can create much difficulty on planet Earth. This is
a normal process of human evolution.

You will also have very vivid and sometimes negative dreams. Some of
you will awaken with nightmares. This is a natural process that
balances your energy. Many of you spend your entire day dancing in
positive energy, ignoring what we call the dark side. There is a
beautiful dark side to each of you. In that case you might have an
energy-balancing dream in which you have a very vivid negative dream
which will simply help to balance your energy. The majority of time
you will not remember these dreams, but will awaken with a shaken-up
feeling. Sometimes you will remember them and they might shake you. As
the rewiring continues, these dreams will become very special
experiences. So if you are having them, rather than questioning what
is wrong, just smile and know that it means you are experiencing
enough positive energy to need balancing in the first place. This
balancing has been happening since the beginning of the game, yet,
with this rewiring of humanity going on, these occurrences may grow
more frequent and more dramatic.


As this rewiring takes place, many people will experience unexplained
headaches or dizziness that they never had before. As your brain
starts to rewire itself, you will experience symptoms in the head that
are new to you. Please know that this is a normal state of evolution
and there is nothing to fear. We ask you always to release your fears
with physical symptoms. Never hold them back or try to deny them, as
that makes them grow as they attract all sorts of energy. If you wish
to be masters of your own thoughts, then fill in the vacuum. Go see a
doctor if you are worried in any way. If the sciences deny valuable
information by not honoring divine guidance and intuition, please do
not make the same mistake and not go to a doctor just because they are
not metaphysical. Use and honor all flavors of the truth and then
choose the best camera angle that is presented. Blend the physical and
the metaphysical sciences, for that is where the real magic lies. If
the doctor comes back and says that he or she cannot find anything
wrong, then you will know that it is the evolutionary path that we
speak of. Then you can enjoy the journey without the fear.

We will also mention that many people will have uncommon or
unexplained respiratory system changes and challenges. Over the next
five years, this will be huge on this planet. Medical sciences have no
real way of assimilating or collecting data on undiagnosed illnesses.
There is no real way to collect this data until there is a name with
which you can label a set of symptoms. At times, humans have even made
up diseases so that they can categorize symptoms and changes in
humanity. In fact, this was the origin of the disorders you call ADD
and ADHD. These symptoms brought in with the Indigo children have been
on Earth for a rather long time, yet now that you have names and
labels for them you see huge increases in the disease. We tell you
that this will also happen with the respiratory challenges that will
soon beset the majority of humanity. Your relationship to your breath
will change. As these changes happen within the physiology many of you
will see these as difficulties and vulnerabilities, as allergies, as
colds-but as allergies and colds that do not follow a normal path.
Again, know that this, too, shall pass and you will be perfectly all
right. It is an evolutionary process that will calm down when your new
wiring is adapted in the physical form. Do not think that you have
done something wrong just because you have a cold. Just know that it
is part of your rewiring process and allow the evolution to proceed
with joy and Kleenex. Enjoy the ride and if you have to spend a day in
bed, then enjoy the day in bed.

Most of you will find that, as the rewiring progresses, your patterns
will change as the rewiring is assimilated. Also understand that not
all of these changes will produce negative results. It could be that
you have always had allergies during the summer months and suddenly
they cease to bother you. Not all will be negative-some will be
positive. Also, know that from our side of the veil we do not see a
difference in these. To us they are simply changes.


We have said many times that, as you evolve and some of these events
begin to unfold, one of the big pieces that will take place for you is
a new understanding of multidimensionality. You are becoming
multidimensional beings, and some of the disorders that humans have
categorized around that will be understood. One of these in particular
is autism. We have defined autism as the condition of a
multidimensional person who lives with one foot in each world. Most of
the time, autistic children cannot find their way back to the world in
which you know them to be autistic. In fact, they may exist more in
the other world than they do in the one you call your daily life. That
is a very frustrating experience for a soul to have. Yet much can be
accomplished through this. So even though it is not an illness or
anything that is "wrong," much of what you can learn through the
beauty of autism is that there is a huge gift in learning

The biggest challenge that a person with autism experiences is the
frustration and eventually anger that he or she feels. They have so
much information coming in that they cannot fully interpret it. Those
of you who are not autistic have filters in place that allow you to
only see and experience the information and vibrations within your own
reality. Autistic people have these filters removed, and they have a
difficult time assimilating all of the information to be able to see
things the same way you see them. We also tell you that this is
beginning to change. Due to your own dimensional shift and opening to
multidimensionality with the rewiring process now underway, you will
begin to find transformational tools-what we call translation
tools-that will help you translate communications to people in other
dimensions. This will finally unlock much of the mystery of the
condition of autism-watch for this. Again, the tools will be labeled
differently than how we just described, as they will come from
"non-woo-woo" sciences, but new tools for understanding autism are on
the horizon.

Some of these tools have even been here for a long time, yet they have
not been understood as of yet-like the person who works with autistic
children who wears a crystal every day because he knows that the child
cannot talk to him but can talk to the crystal. The autistic child can
talk through the crystal because it is a translation device. They can
speak to the crystal because the crystal can be used as a translation
device because it exists in multiple dimensions itself, and can
therefore reach fully into their dimension as well as yours. Please
know that not all crystals can be used to reach autistic children, but
ones of the correct vibration have been used for this purpose. This is
similar to the fact that most autistic children can communicate with
some animals and particularly with those we know to be
multidimensional, such as dolphins. It is not possible to have a pet
dolphin in your home so that you can communicate with an autistic
child, but understand that there are translation devices that already
exist and have existed for some time. This will now start to happen
with other forms as well. Some will be objects and some will be
living, multidimensional forms of life. Some will be the new biology,
and we tell you that there will be gifted children who will come along
very soon who will help to translate and understand the gift of autism.

When these children begin to evolve, do not fear them. Know how they
are and know that the gifts they carry are to be carried by all humans
as the evolution continues. See them for the possibilities that they
hold. You are the disciples of the light. You are the holders of the
flashlight, dear ones, and when people fall into fear with the changes
ahead, you are the ones who can make a difference. This is the
enactment of your sacred contract. All humanity is going through
a rewiring process at this time on Earth. The human animal is shifting
into higher vibrations. It is also no secret to say that this is one
point that will cause fear on your planet. Very simply, humans are
afraid of change. That is why you are here, dear ones. That is what
will call you into action, for you are the disciples of the light. You
understand. You have dedicated yourself to holding the flashlight for
the highest outcome without trying to point the exact way or to tell
anyone which way to turn or what to do-you just shine that light so
that all may see. That is the greatest sacred contract for many of
you, and it is here this day.


The last physical issue we wish to address is that there are major
changes in the digestive tracts of humans as the changes to biology
begin. Please know that humans only see things when they are negative
and they become problems. That is why the news is almost always
negative in nature. No one would watch if you had a "good news"
channel. It is simply human nature. Just know that, although most of
these changes will be brought to your attention in the negative,
they are happening in the positive as well. Changes to the human
digestive tract will cause a wide variety of symptoms in the near
future. Know that, if you are experiencing these, even though you
might be having difficulties, you also might be one of the first to
take a higher vibrational physical body. Be patient and don't forget
to breathe-this, too, shall pass.


With all of the physical changes taking place, emotions are all over
the board, dear ones. There will be depression on this planet like
never before, and there will be many who go inward with the creative
energy rather than outward. We tell you that repression of energy is
the greatest problem you have on this planet. You are God, and
repressing any part of that will create problems in the physical and
emotional bodies. It always has, and yet now humans will be even more
sensitive to that than ever before. You can personally make a
difference there. Take that as a call, dear ones-a call to action, for
that is where you can make a difference first. Help people to move
that creative energy outward rather than inward. You are here to shine
your light, and whether that is working with your neighbor or teaching
thousands of people, it is up to you. We will never tell you which way
to turn, but we can say that you hold the key and you are a disciple
of the light. You have dedicated yourself to the study and use of
light for many lifetimes and that is why we call you the disciples of
the light. You are the ones who can help people to pick up their
camera and find the best angle. You are the new family of light and
you came in with the greatest hope that humanity would make it to the
point that it is right now. You are being called to action. There will
be no more closet lightworkers. We now leave you with three simple
reminders: Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play
well together. Espavo.