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Faith in God is our answer

I love my husband who passed away so deeply. Lately I feel the emotions and missing him getting stronger. Some days i feel it stronger than others and feel so alone, then suddenly something happens that i don't understand that shows me something different and in that moment i know it is GOD and my HUSBAND.

I look back now on this past year and what i see now is I know GOD has been holding me and carrying me, cause GOD knows i did not have strength and i did not want to live. It is still so strong, but i'm here and i'm feeling now and i'm seeing.

I know also my husband is right here beside me. He has shown me through songs, dreams and many other ways. I even feel his warmth for i know his warmth like no other. God knows my deepest need and that is Him and my husband, and God is blessing me with both.

I feel the reason I have been feeling shaky recently is cause God has placed me on my feet trying to show me it is time for me to take a step, but letting me know he is right beside me as is my husband. I don't feel i am wrong on this. I feel this strongly.

All i know is I want to grow and learn and do whatever my purpose here is for God, so then I can go Home and be in his light and with my husband for eternity. My husband has said to me so many times here that "Our love is Destined that even through death there is no end to our love for we were written in the stars long before we were born".

He has shown me the truth in this as he has always shown me the strength in Our Love while he was here in body. I only have God to thank endlessly for this, as also my husband would say. The pain of missing him here in body and longing to be in his arms will always remain till i'm in his arms, but i know God is ok with that, cause he knows Our Love is One as we know we are blessed through God to be One.

I'm not sure about things going great, but i can say with God and my Husband, things are happening that i am Grateful for. Faith is all i can think of right now. My husband always said without Faith you are lost. You have to have the Faith.

God bless you Gloria and everyone that God has placed in my path this past year for this is a Blessing.

Love, Mary