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Dear Gloria Ji


Thank you SO much for your wonderful email , it has given an inspiration to all of us ,what a great gift !!! what i strongly believe is that whenever God wants to help us He keeps us in Good contact of Good people like you, so i feel that He is blessing us all the time.

Thank you SO much for helping us by spreading our simple messages also through your global channel, we deeply appreciate it. Yes, i will send you the scheme of the volunteer's program as well ,so you can get the ideas of sending the volunteers to teach English in HVP schools .

We are continuing week long program for peace here in Nepal , especially the programs of talks on PEACE in various schools/clloeges is going on SO EFFECTIVELY....., in fact, the youths need only vision and motivation at RIGHT time, then they can unfold their infinite potentials on their own .

Still the clouds of political uncertanity in Nepal is not clear after the announcement of cease fire also; however, we are keeping up our hope.... and walking with the song of love & peace ; so let's hope that the true message of peace would be transformed in our leaders as well one day.

We will have Dashian festival after around 2 weeks, so we all will go to Dang( our home town) to celebrate it as it's the main festival for the Nepalese, it would be truly great meeting all the family members, relatives, and all the good people of the community. In fact, the festivals are good tolls for understanding and practicing the sense of Oneness and social harmony.

Well, i should go now. Pls say Namaste to all of your wonderful family members and friends ,especially to our good friends of Heavenletters. Pls keep on sending us your encouraging words because true words are good tools of healing.


Principal - Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal(HVP)
Founder - Shanti Sewa Ashram ( SSA)
Patron - Youth Society for Peace ( YSP)
>> Po.Box: 6807, Kathmandu, Nepal, Ph. 00977- 1- 5527924 /5, and www.hvpnepal

Note from Gloria:
I just want to add that if anyone is interested in volunteering to teach English to the children under C.M. Yogi's care, I have the details. Just ask.