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HEAVEN #2239 Let Go of Ideas January 11, 2007

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God said:

How do you know that the so-called mistakes you make are mistakes? How do you know that you’ve typed a number incorrectly – just because it wasn’t the one according to the world? Do you think that it s momentous to have numbers in a certain order, or to have anything in a certain order? Whether you can correct a so-called error or not, errors, catching errors, making them, unmaking them, is just a game you play, only you have loaded the dice against yourself.

Now, make no mistakes about yourself. Love yourself no matter how many mistakes you make. Be glad for your mistakes. They show you are alive. They show you are fallible but only in terms of the world. The world isn’t infallible any more than you are, and, just like you, the world makes mistakes. You don’t have to pay for them.

Exonerate yourself from the idea of mistakes. What if there were no such thing as a mistake? How would you feel about yourself then? How relaxed the world would be, no longer affrighted by mistakes. Stop dreading mistakes now. They are only mistakes.

Life is a practice-session. It isn’t the final performance. If you flub your lines, you flub your lines. If you step in a puddle, you step in a puddle. Whatever occurs, have a good laugh rather than a good cry. Enough slapping your heart for a simple supposed misstep.

Stop trying to be perfect, and you will make fewer errors.

Let go of the idea of perfection in terms of the relative world, and keep the idea of the perfection in which I see you. I see your light. I don’t peer into details the way you and the world do. I have light to see by. I have light to see your light by.

You dropped a plate! It shattered? It was your best plate. Beloved beloveds, plates don’t last anyway. And you in the relative plane of life may vanish before plates do. Sooner or later, you won’t have the plates, or the plates won’t have you.

Children hold their toys very dear. They cry when one breaks or is taken away from them. How important toys are in the world. And all the material things you are attached to are toys. Soon you will grow up, and you will know that they only matter for a little while. Mistakes are like toys, too. Give them up. Release your attachment. You hold on to a donkey’s tail, no more than that. Let go. Let go now. Be attached to nothing. There is nothing to be attached to. Whatever you are attached to is nothing. Be unattached to your attachments.

Connection is another thing. Be connected because that is the Truth. You are connected to Me, and you are connected to every other Being on Earth and beyond Earth. You are very much connected, beloveds. You are so connected you are One with Me and the Universe and everyone and everything. Connection soothes. Connection heals. .Attachment causes pain of separation in advance.

As you let go, you create joy. There is nothing you have to hold onto. You are free not to hold on. Then you can relax your grip. Then you can let go and recline in Me. There is nothing you have to have. There is nothing you have to become. There is nothing you have to do. Ease yourself from attachment to even ideas, and you will have time for love, and you will find yourself in love, deeply.

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