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Dear Friends,

Have you seen a recent posting under Spiritual Journey? I think the user name is Wiracocha. (Sorry if I've misspelled. If I go to check on spelling, I often lose what I've already written.)

I hope everyone goes there to read it. Here are two cousins who are consciously making their dreams manifest. They have bought the land and are moving forward to build a spiritual center. The importance of desire!

For one cousin, there has been strong motivation to leave American city life and gain some peace. Nature seems to give us a push.

Here's the last paragraph of what Pedro wrote:

"It will be wonderful living in harmony with nature and God, I don't want to hear about war anymore, no news, just concentrate on evolving my soul and strenghtening my relationship with God away from the distraction of the mind and the noise of the city, just focus on the joy of the moment and the joy of those around. "

Blessings and love,