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Allowing Bliss and Miracles Into our Lives

Hello everyone;

This is my first post.

This month allows us an new beginning and an entry into our most propotent power! Entering into this year, I have already begun to feel the BEAUTY and miracles of God! The energy of HEaven Letters Is amazing and I am looking forward to this year!
It will be interesting to read the posts since Heaven Letters is such a wonderful tool to access our own sense of connection with God.
Since reading Heaven Letters, i have become more connected to the voice that is Divinity and God within myself.
AS well as being able to connect more authentically with others.
For me perhaps the greatest gift of Heaven Letters has ben to experince the prescenc and energy of Go das an unconditional and miraculously luxurious and giving energy.

Often times through various forms of indoctrination we have learned , most erroneously, a sufferance or lack mentality. The light of God and Heaven is a power and energy that dispells all of this.

We are truly divine Beings and are deserving of God's Love.
Such miracle sin relationship are occuring at expedient rates.
Life is truly an adventure.

This is a far cry from the negative feelings of a few weeks ago...and reaffirms the miraculous power of Love and Heaven on earth.

Even our temporal concepts begin to shift as we are more aligned to God and the picture and experince of god becomes so much more expansive, grounded and peaceful!!

Many Blessings to all of you.