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HEAVEN #2218 Innocence Regained December 20, 2006

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HEAVEN #2218 Innocence Regained December 20, 2006 (written while I was still in Germany)

God said:

Lead with your heart. Leap with your heart. Your heart is not meant to take baby steps. Your heart is not meant to be covert. Your heart is meant to be a great explorer. Your heart is like the scout who goes out to survey the territory. Your heart is like Christopher Columbus who discovered a New Land. His discovery was called a New Land, but it was always there. It was just that it had not been seen before by the eyes of those who lived elsewhere. Christopher Columbus had an inkling, and he traveled the path of the Earth and became famous.

He did not discover the land he had sent out to find, yet never did he feel he had failed. He had stumbled across something. He did not deny the land under his feet was under his feet. He did not argue or try to maintain that this discovered land was India. Because India was the land he sought, because he had a theory he wanted to prove, he was nevertheless open to what appeared. He saw that the Earth was round, and he had the bonus of a New Land to boot.

Nothing has to be the way you think it has to be. Nothing has to progress the way you think. Nothing has to go against the way you think either. Your thinking, however, has to be open to change. Consider that it is perfectly fine to change your mind. You must change your mind. You cannot keep your mind always in the same place. Your ideas are not to be marked in stone. You are not to chain yourself to them. Your ideas are only ideas.

As you set forth on your voyage of God-discovery, leave your preconceived ideas behind. You don’t want to take them with you. You are seeking more of Me, not to prove a point, but to find more of Me. You know there is more, or you would not seek. You are not seeking the courage of your convictions. You are seeking something new. You are letting your convictions go so that you may discover what has always been.

I do not play hide-go-seek with you, yet I do lure you. I lure you out from hiding. You have been hiding from yourself. And now, in your discovery of the God Who loves you, you sail past borders, and you discover yourself along the way. You are the land you have been seeking. It is yourself you seek, and it is yourself you find.

You have set out to seek your fortune in the world. I, beloveds, am your fortune. You have no other. I am the contents of the bank vault of your heart. I am your fortune, and I am the dispenser of your fortune. I give it all to you. I give you the code to the vault. The code is love. That is the open sesame. You open your heart with your heart. You discover that the vault was not locked. It was always open. You could walk in any time you liked.

Come walk into this chamber now. Walk into this chamber of your heart with Me, and find Our One Self walking there, strolling there, making Ourselves at home there, coexisting there, conferring, balancing and harmonizing the world. We find Our innocence. Our innocence speaks up. It waves its flag. Make room for innocence.

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