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Your Personal Symbol by Archangel Michael

AA Michael: Q & A : Explaining the Symbols by elizabeth ballico ( copyright)

Archangel Michael has spoken recently of our need to access our own 'personal' symbol of healing & manifestation from the corona of our aura.

To explain this further ; the 'corona' of our aura is the aspect of the aura situated closest to our physical body.

Every soul born to this earth has a personal healing and manifestation symbol located within this aura.

The symbol has always been there, through out all times and ages, however it was only during the 'triple 8' activation of August this year that it was made readily retrievable for all.

Some light workers were made aware of their symbol at various times over the last five years ( they were given or shown their symbol without a complete explanation of its meaning)- however, for the majority of humanity- the symbol has only become attainable in recent times.

Basically, Archangel Michael's message on retrieval of symbols is clear ; 'just do it !"

Close your eyes and ask for your symbol to be revealed to you- it is truly as simple as that, because this symbol is so close !

The most important issue here is TRUST.
TRUST that the symbol you have seen is the symbol you have been given.

Alternatively, you may wish to meditate for your symbol, call in guides, angels, do some automatic writing or drawing- it doesn't matter HOW you access it, as long as you do !

TRUST that what you receive is what you are meant to receive.

Please note here : ONLY you can retrieve YOUR symbol - no other- ONLY YOU.

So, you have your symbol, now what ?

On everything , all the time. The more you use this symbol the stronger your connection will be to it and the more you will be able to manifest & create with it.

The symbol is a divine gift, that holds the maximum power or intent an earthbound soul can have for healing, creating and manifesting.
Use it in all healing & spiritual work for yourself, for others as well as for our earth. Every time it is used, you tap into the Divine frequency.

Use it in spell craft and all creating & manifesting work.
Write/draw it on letters , emails and all correspondence- some people even tattoo it on their body- (drastic I know, but hey, it is your symbol.)

The symbol can ONLY be used for positive. As the symbol is Divine, its intended use is for love & light and it can benefit any situation. Because of the structure of the symbol, it cannot be used for negativity and instead will imbue all situations with love & light.

Infuse water, food, animals, plants, amulets- this is your symbol - your personal 'key' to the door of Divine Frequency.

Your Symbol will be perfect for you.

Some are simple, others complex, some are large, others small- some are recognisable as well known symbols eg: pentagram, cross, tri quatra etc and others are different to anything you have ever seen before.

Accept what you are given and show appreciation of your gift by utilising it in all you do, everyday.

Retrieval of the symbol is the activation key. Many people reading this article will have retrieved their own symbol during the process of reading.


Blue Star Children are born knowing their own symbol & will recognise it by around their 15th year. Many will know it way before this age & will infuse the drawing of it into every aspect of their lives- others may take longer but will not need to retrieve the symbol- it is already part of them.........

Elizabeth Ballico 11/11/2006 copyright
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