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I'm a newbie...

Hi... to everyone...
I introduce myself... My name is Valentina, I'm 15 years old, I live in Italy (south: Puglia)... and I've found out this forum today. I already joined to the Heaven's newsletter... but here it's better!
I'm sorry for my bad English... I hope that I'll be accepted... even if... I'm so young... and I can't speak English very well...
Are you thinking... :? "But what does this little girl want?!"
Absolutely nothing!
Only share love... with who knows how love is powerful and awesome and wonderful... and... so Love! So Itself!



I'm a newbie...

Benvenuta Valentina,
what a wonderful introduction you made. That's the best welcome for yourself anyone could make. No need to apologize for being young, actually I think it's something to be proud of: to be so full of love to share at such a young age. There certainly aren't any age limits in Heaven.
Everyone comes whenever they are ready.

I translate Heavenletters into Italian. If ever you need some help with the language, just ask me freely.
Love to have you here!

I'm a newbie...

:oops: Grazie, Paula.
I know that you translate Heavenletters... I receive all of them. I love how you do it.
I've been here for a few minutes and I feel already well and at "home".
But everywhere is home... we should be just who we really are... that is what we wanna be. Love is so easy to give and have experience with. I learnt so much in latest moths, I have met some people that put love on top of all others. And I cried so much, I lost myself in the darkness of my questions, illusions and fears. I walked alone across the desert of my sorrow, of my mind! But it was just the beginning of a lighter journey.
And now... I only want to hold my angels' hands and walk together in the light.
It isn't a fairytale. It's life. And it's amazing. Tears fall from my eyelashes... tears of soul, of God. For this, I live in my awareness. For this I know that there isn't something better.


Wow! To think that at fifteen, you have so much awareness, fullness of heart, and love for God -- what a wonderful thing.

Everyone loves the young, Valentina! Besides, you are a beautiful light. And what a beautiful name you have.

The youngest subscriber we ever had was fourteen. She must be nineteen or twenty now.

Thank you so much for reading Heavenletters and posting comments here on this forum.

Tell us more!

With love and blessings,