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What a miracle!

Dear friends,

I'm writing in this section because for me feels like a little great miracle! :D

Is been such a perfect dance of harmonius beautiful concidences since i've met Gloria and the Heavenletters!

I needed to open my heart to receive ( wasn't easy ) but i did somehow and i received!!! And what God sent me was a lovely miracle !

Since yesterday i can't handle my happiness and my deep joy!!

I received Gloria's book and the cd!! When i saw the package on my desk i felt so overwhelmed!

Holding it in my hand felt so wonderful!

What an energy i could feel, what a blessing! Such a beautiful thing - i'm out of words!!!!

I'll read one letter in the morning and one before to go to sleep to feel the God presence with me all day and night!

and when the book is over i'll start over again!

What can i say? Feels like HEAVEN! :mrgreen:

Thank you thank you and thank you!!!

Grazie Milleeeee Gloriaaaaaaa ^________________^