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HEAVEN #2189 Think of Heaven November 3, 2006

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HEAVEN #2189 Think of Heaven November 3, 2006

God said:

When you have a decision to make, know that what you decide is not monumental. Here is some monumental advice, however: Do not make decisions from fear, nor make decisions to prove that you are not afraid. Do not try to prove anything.

Do not be afraid in the first place. And do not promulgate fear. Be careful about warning others about what you fear. Fear promotes fear. Remember the story about the little red hen who sincerely thought the sky was falling. Do not be a fear-monger.

Do not listen to other people’s fears. Do not make them your own. You know that fear is contagious. Everything is contagious, beloveds. What do you want to spread? Spread wealth, health, happiness, love, confidence. Do not spread disaster.

When you see a fire, yell “Fire!” and run for the exit. Do not yell, “Fire!” ahead of time. This is what you have often done. All the terrible things that could happen. There could always be a fire, beloveds.. Come from the predilection of No Fire.

Be careful about predictions you make. Do not predict doom. Do not look for signs of doom. The dictum – “Be careful rather than sorry.” – has its place, but it is not to be a way of life. In relative life, there is risk. The greater risk is in fearing imminent disaster.

Are not your thoughts powerful? Negative thoughts carry their seeds with them. Positive thoughts as well. Remind yourself to carry powerful high-vibration thoughts and abandon powerful low vibration thoughts. You shudder to think of impending doom. How do you feel when you think of Heaven and Me? Pretty good, I would say. Place your bets where you want them to be.

This is not pretense I am suggesting. I am talking about a direction to move in. When there are two turns in the road, choose the most propitious. It is not pretense to decide on a favored lane. As soon as you start walking down it, you are on it. Choose the high road, beloveds.

You have a choice as to which end of the pool you dive in. You have a choice as to which chair to sit in. You have a choice to lead your thoughts. They don’t have to lead you.

Beloveds, when all is said and done, you are responsible for your thoughts. You are not a weather vane that blows in the wind. Be more like an anchor. Anchor your thoughts where they work well for you.

When you hire an employee, you hire him for certain tasks. You do not hire him to sabotage you. Hire your thoughts the same. They will work for you. Do not choose undermining thoughts. Choose forward-moving thoughts. Choose thoughts that nourish you and the universe.

You do not choose for yourself alone. Your thoughts are not secluded. Your thoughts are like a computer key that you press, and your thoughts are impressed upon the universe. Voiced or unvoiced, your thoughts are impulses of electricity that reach far. You are a wireless, beloveds. Do not just pass on messages that are given to you. Originate healthy messages.

What message do you send on the airwaves today? If you were given the privilege of standing on a mountain top and saying something for the whole world to hear, what would you say? Would you say, “Watch out!” or would you say, “The blessings of God are upon us.”

Perhaps you would say: “The sun is shining. Join me on this mountain top. The view is marvelous.”

Share this mountain top, beloveds. Be serene.

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