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Dear Body,

I am your ego. As ego, I served as the past Captain of this particular grounding point of a vast Multidimensional Being. I have come to recognize that I, too, am a component of that multidimensionality; therefore, I no longer fear our Return to our true SELF. Soul/SELF has informed me that I have an important role in the next stage of our return to the Being that we have always been, and I wish to pass that information on to you.

I am aware that I, your ego, have indulged in quite a bit of fear and discontent in the “past,” but I feel confident that the Unconditional Love of our Soul/SELF has healed me. I recognize that, since I am to be the one to interface with the outer reality, this healing will need to be ongoing. Now that I KNOW this beautiful FLOW of Unconditional Love coming from our SELF, I can’t see how I operated in the outer world without it! No wonder I always felt so alone.

Conversely, since the integration of Soul/SELF into this earth vessel, my sense of Freedom and Power is so amplified, that I literally feel JOY. I understand that this Freedom, Power and Joy are not mine to hold and keep. In fact, now that I have embraced my Higher Potential of being ONE with my Multidimensional SELF, I realize that the only thing I can “keep” is that which I “share.”

I KNOW this for “I” am now a “WE,” and we are not just one Person. WE are a magnificent, multidimensional being, which includes the planet on which we are presently incarnated. Therefore, I wish to share the expanded potential that my downloaded Higher Light has afforded me/us with my/our planet—the planet WHO I AM!

In this manner my Personal Consciousness, which has merged with the Collective Consciousness, will expand to embrace Planetary Consciousness. I am also told that once I have fully become ONE with Gaia, I will resonate to Galactic Consciousness.

Dear body whom I have served for many incarnations, I am speaking to you today for I have a special message to share with you. I am here to tell you that we are no longer alone. In fact: We are no longer one person, for now we are a Being of the ONE.

I shall continue to serve you, my dear body, as I AM to be the primary grounding force for this vessel. I understand the great responsibility that I now have, and I dedicate myself to maintaining sufficient grounding for the Multidimensional Light that you, my earth vessel, will share with Gaia.

I shall also serve as the interface with the third dimensional world, so that we can continue our Mission here with Gaia until it is our time to return to our true form, Lightbody.

Your Multidimensional Ego
Dear Soul/SELF,

I am not sure how to address you now, as I am daily aware of your presence within me. However, just because I have integrated you into my earth vessel does not mean that I am beyond any assistance from the higher dimensions.

As I said before, I feel much happier, and yes, even joyful, at times, but interfacing with the 3D world is no easy task. When you told me that my/our healing would need to be an ongoing process, I didn’t realize just how true that statement would be.

I know that I can, and must, talk to you on a regular basis, but I have not yet fully become accustomed to the challenges of that communication. Before, you were “above” me, so talking to you was almost like worshiping. Now, you are “in” me, and “worshiping” would not be the proper description. It is more like I am talking to my SELF.

I would like to say that I am always being my “SELF,” but I must admit that my “self” still has negative and fearful thoughts and emotions. The difference is that NOW I have an antidote to that poison, “YOU,” the “ME” that “I AM.” This is still very confusing, but I guess I will get used to it—eventually. Fortunately, more and more, I hear you call, especially when I first awaken. My world is quiet then, so I am able to hear your inner voice. This especially happens when I have spent the night traveling the dimensions with you.

I wish that I could spend every night in inter-dimensional travel, but unfortunately, I know that is not possible. Sometimes, like this morning, I wake up with an uncomfortable feeling. I am not sure what it is, but it is definitely NOT joy. Fortunately, you have encouraged me to spend my first waking hour in communion with you, which helps more than I can explain.

Also, even when I wake up with a negative feeling, you often implant a message in my brain just before my awakening. For example, this morning I woke up feeling “off,” but I also heard your voice inside me. Unfortunately, because of my uncomfortable consciousness, I was not calibrated to a high enough frequency to understand your message.

I have taken this morning time to meditate, as usual, thanks to your constant reminders. Therefore, my resonance is higher, but I am still feeling a “dis-connect,” a “dis-satisfaction.” I wish to talk to someone about this feeling, but there are few whom I feel I can talk to about this topic. I hope that, some day, that will change. However, I am aware that not many people can “find the time” to dedicate themselves to the degree of inner work that I have. I am confident, however, that that will change as more humans Awaken to their SELF.

Also, maybe there is no one like that in my life now so that I will keep communicating with you/me—oh, you know what I mean. Furthermore, I accept that this is my time for DEEP introspection. Going through the process of integrating you into my physical form has been, to say the least, a challenge. Not that I am not grateful for the experience, as I am seeing changes in my life that were, in the past, beyond my wildest dreams.

However, this process of “housecleaning” my consciousness is like washing the dishes. No matter how often I “clean up,” I turn around for just a second, and there is more to do—AGAIN. Well, anyway, I think I am done complaining. Thanks for listening. As I was saying, my integration process, especially opening the Third Eye, has been, I guess the word is, disturbing. It has been disturbing in the same way as it is when you “disturb” the mud at the bottom of the pond to reveal the gold that has long been hidden there.

I know this “gold” is the Philosopher’s Stone, the ancient alchemical term for the secret of turning lead into gold. Lead was the least cherished metal, whereas gold was the most cherished. Hence, the Philosopher’s Stone transmutes that which is least cherished into that which is most cherished. What do I cherish the MOST in my life?

I go into another meditative trance, as I take this question very seriously. Instantly I hear, “That which I most cherish is LOVE.” However, a part of me, perhaps the part that is “dis-satisfied,” doubts that answer. As I go into a trance I hear the words: Light, Knowledge, Trust, are repeating in my head.
My Dearest One,

Indeed, LOVE, that is Unconditional Love, is the KEY to cherishing ALL life. Allow me to take a moment to define “life,” as my definition may differ from your 3D definition. Life, as seen from the Source, is EXPRESSION.

From the twelfth dimensional Source, creation is un-manifest, without form or expression. The EXPRESSION of Source’s Creative Force is manifest LIFE, life with form. Source does not use a brush, a camera, or a physical tool of any kind. The “tool” used by Source to create LIFE is Unconditional Love.

LIFE, in turn, creates experience. Experience then creates Knowledge. And, all of this Creation is held together by Unconditional Love. Light is the medium for Source’s creation and Unconditional Love holds the creation in the matrix of LIFE. Whereas, an earth artist would use paint, a computer, or even their body, the medium for ART of the Source is LIGHT.

Source created the third dimension by placing Light through a prism to separate it into seven octaves of light/colors, which then created seven octaves of sound/ tones. In the higher dimensions, there is ONE octave of light, WHITE, which is all colors, and ONE octave of sound, SILENCE, which is all sound. Within the Silent White Light is the Potential for LIFE. This potential is realized through the Creative Force of Unconditional Love.


The message I “expressed” to you this morning was, “The Third Eye is the key to holographic perception.” Your OPENED Third Eye can actually SEE Unconditional Love through the holographic perception of its lens. I say the word “perception” rather than “vision,” because the Third Eye is multidimensional and can receive stimuli from all your senses.

Within every portion of a holographic image is everything that makes up the entire image. For example, if you cut off one leg of a hologram chair, you wouldn’t see one leg; you would see the entire chair. In the same manner, if you were to perceive a hologram of one minute of your day through your opened Third Eye, you would perceive everything that happened in that entire day—that is, sounds, sensations, smells, experiences, knowledge, and most importantly, LOVE.

LOVE is always present in every experience, even if the experience is one which you may consider to be “bad.” From the perception of Source, there is no polarity. Therefore, there is no “bad.” There is only experience, and no experience can maintain its creation without the “glue” of Unconditional LOVE. How many times have you had a “bad” experience which, eventually, revealed itself as a life-changing event which directed you into a better reality? Even the experience of death, which can be devastating to the survivors, is a beautiful Return HOME to the one who has died.

If you can view difficult experiences through the lens of your opened Third Eye, the vision of your Soul, you can perceive the Unconditional Love in EVERY situation, person, experience, being or thing. This ability to perceive Unconditional Love in the midst of fear, pain and sorrow is the key to Ascension. Your human emotions allow you to live your experience, while your SOUL allows you to transcend it.

Even though Unconditional Love has gone through the 3D Prism and “appears” to be “separate” from the Source, Unconditional Love FLOWS from the ONE of All that Is and All that Is Not. Therefore, it is the foundation and core of all life, manifest as well as unmanifest. In other words, Unconditional Love not only holds together Manifest LIFE, it also collects Potential LIFE.

Unconditional Love is the “particle” of Quantum Mechanics, AND it is also the “wave.” By placing the Light (thoughts) of your attention which is infused with Unconditional Love (emotion) on a “separate” particle, you can you create the form of a “wave.” Even down to the sub-atomic level, Love Creates! Unconditional Love, FELT in your High Heart, and projected out through the attention of your Third Eye CREATES reality!


Actually, you create your reality in every minute of every day, but too often, your creations are unconscious. Therefore, you may create from a lower state of consciousness, rather than through the expanded consciousness of me, your Multidimensional SELF. With unconscious creation, the purity of the medium, Light, may be tainted and unclear, and your glue, Unconditional Love, may become fearful or conditional. Your creation may then appear to be “bad” and “unstable.”

But do not be concerned my dear Grounded One, for you will soon REMEMBER and regain your FULL Creative Powers, as you are now allowing me to constantly guide and assist you. When you consciously surrender to me, your Soul, you connect your Essence to the Higher Light and Unconditional Love.

The prism which first separated Light is a vortex, a two-way doorway through which unmanifest spirit and manifest matter can “express” their experiences to each other. Each and every Grounded One is a prism through which Light separates into octaves of light and sound. Hence, each and every “separate” person is also a prism through which each octave of light and sound can return through that prism to the ONENESS. Flowing through these prisms are many stories of experiences, images of reality, expressions of Light and Love communicating between differing planes and dimensions. Each communication is actually a filament of Light, a hologram of experience.

With your Third Eye, you can follow the Unconditional Love to view the image from the other side of the prism. From the “other side,” you are beyond the smaller picture of limitation and duality and free from the limitations of time and space. From the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW, you can realize that you are not “having an experience;” instead, you are viewing codes of information on filaments of Light, a hologram.

From the other side of your prism/person, you can see how each prism, each person, is united in ONE huge hologram of the experience of LIFE in the third dimension. It is through this holographic connection that every person, place, being and thing is UNITED by the Unconditional Love that is the ‘holder of form’ for Life on 3D Earth.


Through your opened Third Eye, you can perceive the ‘glue’ of this Unconditional Love. You can also perceive the places in the hologram where the glue is weak or tainted. This is why I wish to take a moment here to return to the subject of your dis-satisfaction. This dissatisfaction you are feeling is not yours. That is why it is so confusing. Because of the holographic connection of your opened Third Eye, you are deeply attuned to the Collective, Planetary, and, when you raise your resonance, even Galactic Consciousness

Your expanded consciousness is based on the Unconditional Love that binds ALL creation. Therefore, you are increasingly awakening your innate ability to perceive All That Is, as well as All That Is NOT. You are feeling all the happiness on Gaia, as well as all the dissatisfaction.

In this same manner, you are awakening your ability to perceive other planets, galaxies and dimensions on which you hold form. It is the form of your personal life-stream that directs you to focus your attention on particular planets and galaxies. Eventually, you will be able to actually perceive worlds in which you hold form.

Fortunately for your earth vessel, this information is being stored in areas of your brain that are still beyond your everyday usage. On the other hand, some of these perceptions are seeping into your mundane, everyday brain areas. The component of you that I AM, your Soul/SELF, has no issue with these expanded perceptions. On the other hand, I realize that until our earth vessel returns to its Lightbody vibration, certain information must be archived in distant portions of your earth vessel’s biological computer.

The information, the multidimensional psychic perceptions, that first “leaks into” the usable brain capacitors is information that impacts your daily life. A sense of dis-ease or dis-satisfaction would, therefore, be routed to your mundane consciousness, as it may need to be addressed for survival purposes.

Perceptions that concern your survival are ALWAYS routed to your mundane brain, as the first objective of 3D life-forms is to survive. The “life support” of your earth vessel is in the Heart Chakra, just as the “biological computer” is in the Third Eye. Your Heart is calibrated to the resonance of Love and lack of love, Fear. Love supports life and Fear threatens life. Hence, fear and love perceptions are instantly forwarded to the “life support” of your earth vessel.

In conclusion, as you perceive/feel dis-satisfaction, realize that it is actually fear. Furthermore, “your” fear is actually the “collective” fear of the planet. The fact that you can diminish “planetary fear” to “personal fear” shows the great extent to which you have already surrendered to OUR Multidimensional Powers.

As you can imagine, the amount of fear on Gaia is enough to short circuit your systems. However, our Multidimensional Perceptions also feel all the Unconditional Love on all the planets and galaxies of all the higher dimensional realities. This Galactic LOVE is more than enough to overcome the impact of Planetary Fear.

Since this Unconditional Love holds the form of all dimensions of creation, you can use the focus of your Third Eye to see this LOVE and diminish all planetary fear by merging it with the force of Galactic Love. In this manner, fear is greatly reduced and LOVE is greatly expanded.

Dear Grounded One, I will commune with you again in your next morning meditation. Until then, I am ALWAYS within you, awaiting your smallest question. We are a wonderful team. Through the earth vessel that you are holding for us, I can more intimately experience and assist Gaia and her inhabitants during this wonderful time of transition. At the same time, my multidimensional vessel provides you the joys of inter-dimensional awareness and travel.

Until then,
I am you and YOU are me,
for WE are ONE great Multidimensional Being.