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HEAVEN #1782 Heaven and Earth

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HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
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* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1782 Heaven and Earth September 21, 2005

God said:

No one lives for himself alone. No one prays for himself alone. No one lives by himself. Alone-ness is a mistaken idea. You are never alone. In the midst of a desert, you are not alone. Nothing is alone. Do you think any star is alone? Whatever physical distance there may be, there is a realm of Being where distance is not even a thought let alone Reality.

You can imagine anything you want. So now start imagining the camaraderie you desire. Start imagining all your dreams fulfilled. Start imagining every conceivable wonderful thing, and you will be coming closer to Reality.

Reality is that which you have been seeking. You have labeled the overt world reality, but that does not make it so. Widen your definition of Reality, and you will find yourself surrounded by it. You will find Reality at every turn. You will dance with it, and it will dance with you.

I am Reality, beloveds. I am the Real. I am the dance step you have been seeking. Come dance with Me now. We shall twirl around the ballroom of life. We shall leap and alight upon every star. We will loll in the arms of the Moon. We shall splash in the rays of the Sun and be brightened by bright light. We shall spring from Earth and arrive in Heaven. We will stir Heaven and Earth until they are blended. No seam will show. Only Heaven will be known. Earth will relegate itself to a thought spinning.

Earth life, as you know it, is a great leap of the imagination. It is a great leap that would take you out from Heaven, especially when, all the time, you could bring Heaven with you. In fact, you have brought Heaven with you, but you tucked it away somewhere in a corner of your heart and you have forgotten it, just as sometimes you have tucked a dollar in your pocket and, another day, are surprised to find it. It was there – you put it there – and yet you are amazed. Heaven is a gift you have packed and taken with you, and forgotten. And when you glimpse signs of it, you are amazed and heartened and yet immediately begin to fear for its loss.

One glimpse of Heaven is enough to carry you. It is all that has ever carried you. Earth life does not carry you. Earth life is only the result as you see it. Your feet rest on it, and sometimes your head, yet it is something else that keeps Earth afloat and therefore you. Earth is suspended. It revolves in its assigned orbit. Who assigned it? Who first spun Earth and got it going? What keeps it spinning?

Who gave it the sun and other planetary aids? Who gave it night and day? Who gave it the ocean streams? Who gave it you?

Heaven is the only realm there is. All else are sketches of Heaven. Heaven tossed you the crayons with which to draw Heaven while you imagine you are on Earth. Your imagination is spectacular. You will believe anything. You have, haven’t you?

Now believe that you are Heaven-borne. Believe that you found yourself in a room called Earth. Believe that there are other rooms. Believe that Earth is a little room, more like a hall you pass through, more like a view you see from a window of Heaven, more like a shimmering mirror that hangs on the wall, more like an image you see in the mirror, more like a quick look, more like a hastily-sketched drawing you made, more like flights of fantasy, only a moment’s dream, from which you will awake. You will awake, beloveds.